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How to retrieve my bookmark folders in Google Chrome on a Macbook Pro?

Asked by xTheDreamer (881points) April 13th, 2014

Hi, yesterday I did a clean install on my Macbook Pro Retina to install Mavericks since I had bootcamp it was causing some trouble to let me update to Mavericks.

But after my clean install now I’m on Google Chrome I’ve just noticed all of my bookmark folders are gone. Does anyone know how can I retrieve them? Help please :c It’s a lot of bookmarks that I had.

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Clean install means that you formatted the drive and reinstalled everything. Unless you had it set up to sync your bookmarks somewhere I think you might be out of luck.

If you go to applications/utilities/ and open you can run this and see what happens

open ~/Library/Application \Support/Google/Chrome/Default/

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