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In what way did the thirties, the forties and the fifties differ to one another?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14756points) April 14th, 2014

Blatantly a rip-off of this (sorry @ZEPHYRA), but also for my little need.

Those timelines seemed so similar, from the fashion, the building to people’s view. I can’t tell if a person lived in the thirties, the forties or the fifties in a photo. Can you draw a line among these three timeline?

This question only concerns about America, not other countries.

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In the 30’s was the Great Depression, the 40’s had WWII, and the 50’s had people thinking we’d have nuclear powered everything.

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I think of the decades like this:

Thirties: The Great Depression
Forties: World War II
Fifties: Prosperity and growth

That’s an over-simplification, but it gives an idea of what was happening in the U.S.

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Err… apart from those too significant things, what more sets the three timeline apart?

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The Dust Bowl of the 30’s, the lack of new cars for the duration of WWII (and all of the men serving in the armed forces), and the 50’s had do-wop music.

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Most of the country was consumed by the events of the thirties and forties. In the thirties, there wasn’t much money, and in the forties, materials and supplies were in short supply due to the war. There wasn’t much growth, and big band music reigned. I can’t speak to fashions of the time.

The fifties brought the interstate system, an explosion of college grads, interest in bigger cars, rock and roll music, and new fashion trends.

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The 30’s also had people who didn’t want to get into the war (isolationism), the 40’s were all about winning the war, and the 50’s had everybody afraid that if they said the wrong thing they would be labeled a Communist and then get blacklisted.

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@Mimishu1995 In your sentence that includes ”...apart from those too significant things,...” that particular “too” should be “two” as in 1,2,3,... (Not picking on you, just sayin’...)

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@kritiper I’m fairly sure that @Mimishu1995 meant the adverb “too”, i.e., she said that they were “to a high degree or extent; very or extremely significant things.”.

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@Brian1946 Have you live through the fifties? Can you tell me your experience? :)

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Here’s lot of information (and photos) of life in the US in the thirties and forties.

Corrected the link…Sorry

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@Mimishu1995 You’re right- I entered the fifties when I was 3, and I left them when I was 13. I’ll try to write about my experiences when I get a chance.

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Some things you might want to investigate are the coastal cities vs the midwest. Very extremely differnet cultures. New York, Chicago, San Francisco during 30’s, 40’s 50’s are going through a ton of architectural renaissances, people are investing there, artists, and writers are moving here. Ok everywhere is changing but as a whole think about it this way. What music was popular in the early 2000s? Kind of the usual rock anthems and left over rap from the 90s? Fast forward 10 years later and New School Dub Step has sort of busted onto the scene. Now rewind all the way back to the 30’s where alot of the radio played Jazz, Blues, and alot of acoustic instrumentations, then fast forward into the 40s where jazz is taking the back seat and country music is surpassing blues music then fast forward 10 more years and you’ve got an electric guitar in the 50s that revived the blues rock that essentially we know now as rock and roll or more known specifically as Rockabilly.

Now that I’ve given the best answers, but when you think about each aspect of the society during that time just put yourself in that situation and subtract 10 years from your life and kind of cross examine what it might have felt like to be in those days.

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@gailcalled your link is to this thread!

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Err, @gailcalled, can you link again? or is that your intention? ~

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Corrected link

Here’s a similar link for the fifties and sixties in the US.

(The idiom is “differ from one another”.)

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@Brian1946 Sorry, I think she meant the TWO major points as being the Great Depression (duh) and WWII (double duh).

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