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Is there anyway to find out if my question has already been asked?

Asked by ShanEnri (4424points) July 14th, 2009

Other than going through all the posts I mean. I get embarassed when I ask a question someones already asked before I got here!

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There is a search feature at the top right of the page that you can use. I always forget myself and ask questions before searching. Whoops.

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Welcome to the collective. Thanks for asking about that. @bezdomnaya is correct. You can search topics and/or key words in a question itself. It is not perfect, but it eliminates some duplication.

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And in the end if you ask, people who have been here a while are usually kind enough to link you to pertinent questions.

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Just ask your question. If it has been covered before, you will automatically be notified before you can post your query.

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