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Do you have a tattoo?

Asked by GloPro (8346points) April 16th, 2014 from iPhone

What do you have and why did you choose it? Do you still love it?

I have 3 tattoos and my eyeliner is tatted. I still very much like two of my tattoos. The third I still like the message but not the design.

If I had no financial worries and didn’t have to be aware of how I present myself I would get at least two more.

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No…tat free but have some interesting scars I had no choice in getting. I have no immediate desire to get anymore either.

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My tat cherry is fully intact. Never even considered it. Like @Cruiser I have scars out the wazoo.

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hell no! once I went to Disney and while waiting on line there was a old woman in front of me with a big fat saggy old tattoo. UGH! a young tattoo turns into an old person tattoo.

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In about 1981 I got a ladybug on my hip. After kids it looked like a bug in the grass from the stretch marks! I got it because my first husband begged me to get one. It was a Christmas present for him.
When I lost weight about 10 years ago I had a tummy tuck and the little bug and most if my stretch marks went into an incinerator somewhere.

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I have a number of tattoos that all have important meanings to me. All commemorate significant people or events in my life, and I don’t regret a single one. I qualify for some senior discounts, so I guess some of my ink could be classified as @BeenThereSaidThat‘s definition of ” old person tattoo.”
Well, I didn’t get them for others to admire.

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A couple of months ago I got into a line behind an older person with smokers skin, saggy and wrinkled. They had a big tattoo. It was gross.
I’m not sure what measure of time a moth is. :)

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Haha, yeah, yeah, everybody with tattoos has heard the old tattoos line.
Here’s how I, and most tatted people, see that one: if I am fortunate to live til my skin is super saggy those of you making that argument will most likely be gone or irrelevant (no offense). If my body has held up, my tattoos will hold up somewhat, too. If my body looks like shit at an older age, I couldn’t care less if my tattoos do, too. I’ll just be glad to be getting naked for someone that is willing to look. It’s not like old, saggy bodies are that hot without ink, and I enjoy them while I’m young.

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Nope. Too permanent. The way I’ve lived, it would be outdated and inexplicable in five years.

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@GloPro That’s an excellent point. She’d have been gross naked one way or the other. Maybe the tat was a nice distraction.

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Haha, @GloPro, I know. When someone told me after my first one that it would look pretty bed in 40 years, I pointed out that we all would look pretty bad in 40 years.

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Not yet. I have a few in mind.

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Can a Phillip Marlowe tatoo in my brain count ~

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@BeenThereSaidThat Try telling that to this guy. Or any of these people. As far as I can tell, it’s not tattoos that age poorly—it’s (some) people.

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@Cruiser Scars are just tattoos with stories.

I am still considering one. And maybe next year at 60 will get one.

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I have two. I have a good friend age 55 or so and he’s covered neck to toe and they look great. The key is NO sun on them. They will stay fresh and colourful.

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I have two. They’re great coping mechanisms for me.

When I had a miscarriage, I wasn’t processing the pain. I just tried to push it deep down into some forgotten place. But like the old saying goes, feelings buried alive don’t ever die.
[insert zombie comment from Symbeline here]

I decided to get a circle tattoo’d in the palm of my left hand. I felt it was appropriate, since I had held my gestational sac in that hand.

A perfect circle.

Each year, on what would have been her birthday, I get another ring done (touching the line of the previous year). Eventually it will fill in.

It might sound morbid to linger on death and loss. But it’s not. It actually helped me deal with my grief. The constant reminder made it impossible to deny. I had to face and move through my sadness. There was no other way around it.

People sometimes ask me why I decided to get tattoos. For everyone, it’s different.

For me, I get tattoos so that my body remembers so my mind doesn’t have to hold all of it—it shares the burden of memory.

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@fluthernutter That’s very poetic. GA

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No. None.

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I’ve got one. It’s a dragonfly on my lower back – unique, I know. I don’t regret it, but I hardly ever see it. My next tattoo will be easily concealed in work clothes, but something I can show off elsewhere.

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@livelaughlove21 That’s always been my goal. You can see 2 of the 3 of mine only in a bathing suit, basically. Or if I’m flashing a little side boob, I guess. The third (the one I wish was done differently), is between my shoulder blades about ⅓ down my back. I can hide it with a T-back dress or tank top, but it shows most of the summer. I wish it ran the length if my spine vertically instead, but whadda ya gonna do.

I would love to have a very simple, tiny tat at my hairline on my neck. A saggitarius arrow, nothing fancy. The other I would like is a butterfly drawn by Dr. Seuss. He’s typical Seuss face, wringing his little hands and his wings are full of holes. A butterfly is a stereotype tattoo, but this one is more artistic because it’s a little distressed butterfly. I haven’t decided where I want him.

@Judi Are you my sister? I’m asking next time we speak… She has the exact same story, every single detail. She was so happy when she woke up from surgery and her ladybug was gone!

@SavoirFaire Nice link! Those old painted people are awesome!

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No. Most of my friends and peers have at least one, if not more though. I have nothing against people who have them, but the thought of having a tattoo myself just does not do anything to excite me, or motivate me into getting one too.

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