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There's a huge difference in my two breasts. What should I do ?

Asked by hungariansweetie (2points) July 2nd, 2008

My left breast is almost a whole cup size bigger than my right. It’s very noticeable. I am 14 years old. Should I see a doctor, or just wait. Help !

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I’ve read in books that is normal.. but im also 14 and my boobs are the same haha.
But you might want to ask your mom. But I’m not sure if I would worry about it. I’ve also read that it’s normal for your left to be bigger.. but i’m no doctor

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It is normal, something about the left breast being closer to the heart. As you develop they may even out, but if not, you may just need to get a small insert for your bra. Don’t sweat it for now.

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My penis was small when I was 14. Now it is “within normal limits”.

I would wait.

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As a doctor I can tell you that this is normal. Since you are still developing, your breast size will change and normalize as you mature.

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Heck I’m well I’m old ok, and I have the same problem. It didn’t even out for me when I got older nor when I had kids. It’s just normal is what I was told.

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Dr. S is being overly optimistic. Lefty is still bigger than righty for me. But I haven’t had any complaints. These things have a way of working themselves out.

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It’s normal. You are still developing, so I wouldn’t worry too much. If it is a cup bigger as you mature it may become slightly bigger and you won’t be able to notice.

If you are still worried and need assurance talk to your mom and maybe make an appointment with your doctor to back up all our answers here.

Don’t worry too much you are as normal as other 14 yr olds out there.

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