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How can I make my boobs bigger naturally ?

Asked by EtherRoom (384points) April 11th, 2011

Question says it all… How can I make my boobs bigger without surgery ? Does all birth control make breasts larger ? If I lose about 10 pounds, will my breasts shrink ?

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You can do exercises that can build muscles under your chest and that will make your boobs appear larger but that is all. Breast is mostly made of fat.
Yes, your breasts may shrink if you lose 10 lbs but it may also not change. There is no way of knowing what fat on your body would disappear.
I’ve known some people on birth control to grow larger breast but the rest of them grew as well. That was mostly years ago. Today, birth control seems to have less side effects.
Your breast will also change over the years. If you are under 18, I would wait to you are 28 before considering anything drastic such as surgery since your breast will change over that period.

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padding, maturity

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You can gain weight. Not sure what you weigh now, but I would not want to be overweight just to have bigger breasts.

If you are under 18 and very thin, I can pretty much guarantee you will have bigger breasts by the time you are 25. If you are very heavy, and you don’t like that your stomach is bigger than breasts, then getting into shape will reduce your breasts and stomach, but your figure overall will improve, and become more hour glass once you get rid of the belly fat.

I never had one change in my body while on the pill. I didn’t get bigger boobs, I didn’t gain weight, I didn’t have shorter periods, I do not recommend birth control to try and get bigger breasts.

What @Pandora recommends about building the muscle is true too, a little build in the muscle under the breasts will help them stand up and give them the appearance of being a little larger, but building the muscle too much will not look soft and feminine, so I prefer not to overwork the muscle too much, but that’s me. You don’t have to worry about it, just exercise the area, and when you are happy you can level out your weight lifting in the area. You want to exercise your pectoralis muscles, if you want to google exercises.

Get those “cookies” or inserts that you can add to a bra, they go usually below and to the side of your breast in the bra. Or, a padded bra for now. Some push up bras make women look very narrow on top, I do not recommend those. Don’t try to push together and get cleavage, just go for a cup size more, it looks more natural. Go to a really good bra shop and let them help you.

How old are you? What is your bra size now? How tall are you? How much do you weigh?

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I know a woman who had a mastectomy and had the removed breast surgically replaced by a fold of fat from her belly.
When she gains weight, the belly fat boob gets bigger. The other does not. She says it keeps her on her diet.

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Smile more. Seriously, a happy person is always sexier than a sourpuss, so I’ll notice your pleasant personality. Quit worrying about the size of your boobs.

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Sorry for the double post, I waited to long to edit…

As a large breasted woman (and as a woman who likes breasts) I can assure you that a mouthful is all you need. Breasts are pretty in all sizes. Also, you don’t want the chronic back and neck pain.

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Just in case you feel not attractive enough hence your question, I agree with @Adirondackwannabe, there is more to a desirable woman than her chest endowment. I have a breast obsessed friend who after seeing simply but sexily dressed small breasted women in Paris had a change of mind. He now dates them as well. I for one am always impressed with a woman who is not that beautiful but makes sure she looks her best. She knows the right style of hair that matches the shape of her face, her make-up if any is light but glowing, her clothes are not expensive yet classy and suits her personality and the occasion. When she smiles and the way she smiles, how she dramatically turns her neck and then gazes at my eyes at perfect intervals. There are other things you could and should focus just in case your issue is about being sexy. Goodluck!

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Oh honey be careful what you wish for. Most of my life I’ve wished I had smaller ones. My very first bra was a B cup, and I was 11 years old when I got it. OMG what a humiliating experience. I didn’t so much develop as (and I’m sure I’ve said this before) well, you know how dumbo sneezed and his ears shot out….. I haven’t seen my feet properly since and having been a lady with…. ample charms all my life, I can tell you that if I’ve managed to earn enough karma in this life then I’m trading all of it to come back in my next life as a lady who is built like a 12 year old boy up top. The joy of being able to wear pretty little summer tops, and cute little tank tops without having some letch staring down your clevage the whole time you’re forced to hold a conversation with them <shudder>. uughhh!!! there is not enough yuk in the world.

I’ll bet that you are just perfect exactly as you are honey, and you’re comparing yourself to those surgically enhanced freaks/barbie dolls we seem to have our tv screens/magazines plastered with these days. Like I said honey, not enough yuk in the world to describe them either. I’m so glad that you’re looking for natural ways to enhance what nature has given you instead of following the freaks to the circus by wanting to follow the surgery route sweetheart, that shows you have common sense, a trait much missed these days among folk.

Try posture honey. If you get into the habit of standing properly, with your shoulders back, and your back straight, you will already look larger (I know this because I did the opposite most of the early part of my adult life to hide mine), and as @JLeslie says you can buy those “chicken fillets” (rubbery things to add to your bra) which would make a difference, or slightly padded bras would help. Mostly honey, be happy with you. As I said, I’ll bet you’re perfect just the way you are and you just don’t know it yet. sending hugs xx

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I echo @bunnygrl. Be careful what you wish for. In high school I was a 34B and by college, I was a comfortable 34C. They got slightly bigger after kids, but in the past 8 years or so, they exploded (well, not really, because that would hurt). I don’t know what caused it because I’m not on birth control, didn’t gain any weight and though I’m beginning menopause, they enlarged before that started. Now I’m a 34E and I do NOT enjoy it for all of the reasons @bunnygrl stated.

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Posture is great advice! Standing straight helps everything. Tummy thinner, chest bigger, looks more confident. Are you interested in dance? I recommend taking a dance class. It will help your posture, its fun, and the girls are not focused on having large breasts, so you might feel better if your friends at school are very focused on it.

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I want to awwwww over @bunnygrl ‘s response. Except this is about boobs and I’m a dude, so it’s a little funny in an awkward female products commercial kind of way.

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Certain types of birth control will make them grow or swell, but it is also a painful process. Posture and weight gain will cause them to appear larger. I’m a 36 B and used to want larger breasts but my sister is a D cup and she literally cries when trying on clothes because she can’t wear small, cute tops. They also hurt her back, terribly. Be happy for the little things (:

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@noelleptc I thought I was being subtle with the camera.

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See that @EtherRoom ? It’s the wit and the spirit that’s sexy. Chest size has nothing to do with it.

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@diavolobella very well said honey <hugs> I would soooooooo love to wear pretty little feminine summer tops, or those lovely floaty summer dresses but can’t because 1.I need all of the support of the fourth road bridge just to get into them and 2.when I do I am acutely aware of the creepy glances and sometimes downright rude stares. I mean…. eeeewwwwww!!

@JLeslie what wonderful advice re dancing classes. I had an aunt who was way into ballroom dancing and her posture was amazing. She walked, stood and held herself like a real lady. She really was class in heels and an amazing woman too. You’re right though, it does make a difference, and it is also a very social thing too, so a great way to make new friends.

@jlelandg LOL <hugs> xx

@tigerlilly2 I so sympathise with your sister honey, started out as a b cup at 11 and now in my 40’s I’m a DD, recently lost two inches so am now a 38DD but OMG the pain in my shoulders and back from carting the girls around all day, in spite of wearing bras that allegedly “make life easier for the bigger bosomed lady” ooo ya boo sucks to whoever designs these things. Big thick straps (to even out the weight? who cares… ugly is ugly right?) extra thick fastening straps at the back with 3 or 4 hooks… had one with 5 hooks once… what the hell!! getting dressed/undressed was like getting into (or out of) fort knox lol. Oh, and the horror!! that horrible thick piece of “support” that runs between the cups and sort of underneath them and round the back to the fasteners <shudder> A woman can’t feel sexy in a monster like that. Then something nice happened. I discovered corsetry

More specifically basques, which I absolutely love!!! <does a happy dance>. Supportive (they pull everything in and up, and give you such a wonderful shape) pretty fabrics and colours, and the best thing is that you can be at work in an icky uniform and still feel fabulous because you know that underneath you are wearing really pretty foundations :-)

@noelleptc OMG I know what you mean about holding a conversation with guys who are staring at your chest. Makes you feel like constantly snapping your fingers and yelling “hey!! creepy!! my face is up here!!” I mean,,, ick!!! and also that old guy… seriously trying to take a picture?? that is just disgusting!!! creepy old perv <shudder>

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Big breasts are overrated! We are all made different, I bet yours are perfect for you!!!

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The only sure fire way is to:

a) gain weight


b) have a baby

The best thing, though, is to be happy with what you have.

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Mark Eden bust developer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Pregnancy and menopause can change your breast size. And I have also noticed that breast brushing techniques (massages)together with the use of herbal creams can make your breast firm and full. Make sure that you eat healthy foods and get enough sleep. It is possible that you may loose certain degree of fat in your breast as we all know our breast is composed of fat tissues but there are certain types of exercise that will reshape and make your breast firm.

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