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What would be your idea of an ideal traveling companion?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) November 22nd, 2011

As asked. Thanks. : )

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Someone who is:
1.) A morning person
2.) On the trip to experience the culture of the area, including cuisine
3.) Willing to hold my hand if there is turbulance on the plane

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My boyfriend is my perfect traveling companion. He loves ghost towns and dirt roads as much as I do, and since its his car we always travel in, I’m so thankful he’s not overprotective and fussy about it. We go on 4wd roads until we cant possibly go any further, even though we don’t have 4wd to begin with. We’re both spontaneous, and if we see a dinky road going off into the mountains or desert, we change our plans and take it. He is down for whatever, whenever. If you can’t tell, we’re mostly about road trips.

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My dog and my husband can come along too if he promises not to back seat drive!!!

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My husband.

I don’t like to do the ‘resort’ type holiday. I like to keep busy. He does too.
I like to try out new restaurants and visit museums, art galleries, historical venues. He does too.
Sometimes I want to do absolutely nothing but read a book quietly and stare at the ocean. He does too.

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My only real requirement is spontaneity. I like having a basic plan, but with a lot of improvisation. I hate to go on a trip and be stuck just doing what we set out to do when there are plenty of fantastic things we didn’t even realize we could do. Tourist attractions are great, but there are so many other things worth doing. Oh and someone who likes to be in the car for a long time. I think the trip is (at least!) half of the fun.

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The Doctor and his T.A.R.D.I.S.

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Someone who spends 30 minutes while first planning the trip to look at what there will be to see and helps me decide what we are interested in seeing while on the trip. Not very rigid plans, but some planning, and willing to adjust on a whim. Likes to sightsee, and also likes to do nothing by the pool. Someone who realizes we might get a little lost, or have a little trouble deciding where to eat, and takes it all in stride.

I like a slow start in the morning, I don’t want to rush out of bed and get ready in 20 minutes. If we have to do it one day on a trip for some tour or special attraction ok, but not every day.

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Someone who likes to get up early and over breakfast decide the agenda of site to see for the day. Make a plan of how to get to each with the map of the subway system for the area and with a snack packed in your nap sack you are on your way to go sight seeing together.

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Enough common interests where we can enjoy things together; enough different interests where we can challenge each other to explore new areas; resiliancy; humor; similar day/night schedules; financial independence; adventurous spirit. That’s the ideal, not what I have ;-)

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A talking bipedal cat friend with benefits.

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My husband is the ideal traveling companion. He does not get annoyed by the vicissitudes of travel. He is always up for adventure. We like the same types of places and things to do.

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I love travelling with my boyfriend. He is the type of person, when travelling, that has a basic plan but doesn’t feel the need to stick to it if something more interesting presents itself. I love how laid back he is when travelling (which is why he is pretty much always the driver).

I also enjoy travelling with my dad. We have similar music taste (every road trip needs music) and always enjoy a good conversation.

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Someone with my travel ideals.

Adventurious, off the beaten path type.

No extreme rigid itineraries, go with the flow.

Someone whose main goal is NOT to shop. ( I did not travel to asia last year to go the the Taiwanese equivalent of Walmart! Bah! LOL)

Someone whose main interest is in the nature, wildlife and culture of the region and has a free spirited approach to trying new things.

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@Coloma You should come on holiday with my boyfriend and I then!

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Woo Hoo…I’d love too! :-)

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@Coloma I’ll be sure to let you know next time we are heading your way!

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Someone who can drive, seeing as I can’t.

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Someone who loves to drive, ride and walk.

Someone who loves many kinds of foods.

Someone who is interested in history, culture, antiquities, oddities, music and innovation.

My husband in an excellent travel companion. Whew.

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1. Someone who is flexible, ie. Doesn’t moan about things.
2. Someone who enjoys learning about different cultures.
3. Someone who is passionate about eating, but doesn’t mind if they have to make do with sandwiches once in a while.
4. Someone who thinks on their feet and knows what to do in an emergency. (Doesn’t panic.)
5. Someone who is fun to talk to, has a good humour.

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Xena. Who else would save me if I got on some creepy old ship, that’s actually cursed and you can’t ever get off and are forced to live on it until you die?

And even if that never happened, Xena.

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I would love to travel with someone who is open-minded, easygoing, fun to be around, respectful, understanding, knowledgeable, flexible, non-judgemental, smart, and outspoken. :)

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If you find one @AnonymousGirl, ask if he has a brother for me!

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