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How can I learn Photoshop and InDesign in about 10 days?

Asked by kevbo (25603points) April 25th, 2014 from iPhone

I’ve used QuarkExpress in the past and MS Publisher. Photoshop not so much. I have the aptitude, however. This would be mainly for online and printed publications.

I own an old version of Photoshop (circa 2006 maybe) and don’t own InDesign.

Do you know of great tutorials or other ways to learn?

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Start messing around, think of something you want to do, and google a tutorial for it, you can’t really learn everything in that sort of a period.

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Here is a site dedicated to Photoshop tutorials. I make no assumptions on the amount one can learn in ten days.

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$25 for the month. Great training videos in all software. Get watching.

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0. Go to YouTube
1. Learn the hot keys
2. Drink coffee
3. Learn the layers
4. Learn all the tools
5. Drink Coffee
6. Make rough drafts
7. Have a folder dedicated to rough copies
8. Drink Coffee

No but seriously @XOIIO Is right. Getting used to the feel of not one but two programs can boggle the mind at first. InDesign feels way different than Photoshop. Again learn the hot keys here. You said something about websites? That sounds like you might want to implement Dreamweaver

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One of the most important things would be, practice, practice, practice. Like @pleiades mentioned, learn the hotkeys, look around for tutorials on things you would be interested in making. Watching speed arts can help, even though they don’t give you a thorough explanation of what is going on, you can always learn by simply watching. With Photoshop, you can watch and kind of experiment around until you find yourself discovering something new all on your own. All I have to say is, just watch tutorials, speedarts, experiment around / practice, get familiar with the hotkeys / shortcuts and goodluck!

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