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Am I the only person who bluffs the customer when checking I.D.?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) April 28th, 2014

When working long night shifts I just asked for I.D. and couldn’t read the I.D. for people purchasing Tobacco and porn at a convenience store . I looked at the person and tried to sense whether the guy was trying to bluff me. Eye glasses don’t work and I needed sleep? What did you do to survive a long shift? I even hear that air traffic controllers are caught sleeping on the job. Are we asking too much from our employees?

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“Bluffing” when checking ID’s is not asking too much of an employee.
If the person is, obviously, like my age, 50 something, well, fine, bluff away, but if there is ANY doubt, you’re being unethical.
Get your eyes checked and get some glasses if it is that hard to ID someone.
How is it that eye glasses ” don’t work?”

You either see clearly or you don’t.

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@Coloma Eye strain and fatigue… I wasn’t paid enough for eyeglasses. I am on the borderline with the DMV, and my eyesight is strained from watching too much television. I don’t work anymore and I am on disability . So I can’t mess up a job any more.

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Sit farther away from the screen. Look harder. Get a magnifying glass. Get reading glasses.

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I’ll jump on your little wagon. I’ll admit, when I was busy bartending I was looking at the plastic for the security camera sometimes. Half of the time I couldn’t FIND the birthday, and then you want me to do math with 8 other people staring at me for a drink? Just don’t order a Long Island, because then I know you aren’t 21.

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Sometimes I ask people, “when’s your birthday?” and see if they hesitate. You can really tell from their face and body language.

It’s also very rare that someone will hand you an ID for an underage birthday- it’s happened to me maybe once in the entire time I’ve been working. But around here that’s one of the things the police use to check if places are in compliance. So if someone hands you an ID with an underage birthday on it, they’re probably a police cadet- awesome! :-/

And if there are a couple young folks together acting like fools, I always card the whole group. It sounds like you could also use a magnifying glass or a small reading light.

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Here they have scanners that read the barcode and say if the ID is legit. I had a method to get past people checking my ID. I would buy some Drano and TP along with my booze. People asked a lot less questions when I was buying grown up stuff too. And buying booze on Wednesday at noon helped a lot.

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When I was 16 I could buy cigarettes from most places without being asked for ID. There was even a store near my house that would sell me cigarettes and alcohol when I was 14. Now I’m 26 and I live in a much nicer area than I did as a teen, oddly enough nearly every time I purchase alcohol or cigarettes I have to show ID.

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