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What movie was either highly prized by the critics or was a box office smash that you disliked?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) April 29th, 2014

Movies aren’t always both critically acclaimed and a hit at the box office. Sometimes those two agree, and sometimes they don’t.

Has there ever been a movie that was highly praised by the critics that you disliked, or has there ever been a movie that had high box office receipts that you disliked?

I disliked Avatar so much that I walked out half way through.

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Jurassic Park. 2 and 3.

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Avatar, Contact, Gravity, Titanic, the phantom menace,attack of the clones,revenge of the sith

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The Tree of Life. Only time I’ve ever fallen asleep in a movie theater. So nonsensical and boring. And I usually like the movies everyone else thinks are nonsensical and boring!

And of course, The Passion. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about, but ended up walking out pretty early on in disgust.

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Avatar and the catching fire… I can’t remember the name I read the book and the book was so much better, plus they miscast the whole thing.

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Man/woman’s-voice-in-a-computer love story Her was an abortion. I couldn’t believe it was taken seriously be seemingly educated, intelligent adults. It was a lot of things: long-winded, silly, grating, kinda creepy.

What it wasn’t was enjoyable.

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OMG. Your question triggered a memory.
Reds” It was lauded at the time and I think I happily slept through ½ half and wished it had been 9/10. I was young and naive, and thought that the “stars” determined the movie.

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I AM..

Seriously what the hell is this thing trying to tell?

This is the only movie which I looked at my watch repeatedly while watching.

And I didn’t watch it by choice either. I only had to watch it because my cousin was a crazy fan of Korean pop music and I had to watch what she watched while tagging along with her!

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Avatar, Titanic, Chicago.

Fell asleep during Chicago and I’m a musical buff.

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I thought “Titanic” sucked royally. It’s the only movie I ever went to where everyone in the theatre hated one of the lead characters so bad that when he died, everyone actually stood up, cheered and applauded!

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All of the increadable Hulk movies.

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I loathed Titanic, Forest Gump, and Ghost.

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@wildpotato – Couldn’t agree more on Tree Of Life!

My vote would be A Serious Man – nearly won best picture and it was so silly and had a profoundly anti-climatic ending, in my opinion. Usually the Coen brothers are pretty reliable, but that one was a real stinker.

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I tried to watch Hitchcock’s Notorious last night, and literally turned it off. It gets a high rating from people but it was so long and drawn out, very few developments and I barely knew what was going on. A part of me didn’t care. Its a shame because he has some very interesting work.

That’s just one. There are more which are praised but are a load of turd to me.

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2001: A Space Odyssey
Raging Bull
Gone With the Wind
No Country for Old Men
Boogie Nights
Forrest Gump
Back to the Future
Jurassic Park

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“The Dork Naught” or is it “The Dark Knight” was a huge disappointment after critics loved it. Oh well, I do not allow such hacks to think for me.

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Ishtar, and Lawrence of Arabia. Too long and boring.

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