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Temperature and Body Issue?

Asked by JG0207 (133points) May 1st, 2014

I’ve heard about this issue, and I am curious to know why it happens. A girl has been having an issue where overnight, she feels it is cold, but then next minute, she feels it is hot. So all night she’s tossing and turning until she wakes up only to find that her nipples are hard and that they hurt. Might this be constant temperature change? Might it be the tossing and turning so much? Maybe the fabric of the bed or clothing is irritating her nipples? What do you think?

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Could be a hormonal issue. Have her see a doctor for a check-up.

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It sounds hormonal. How old is the girl?

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Are you just making this up like a Penthouse letter?

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She is 19 years old. I explained to her (jokingly) that it could’ve been because she was horny. But I wasn’t sure. Apparently it does seem to be a hormonal situation.

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If she is on the pill, it could be a reaction. If it makes her uncomfortable, she should talk to her doctor. I just paid a stupid amount of money on a prescription thinking it might help with my hormone crap, but taking nothing at all is a much better option, I think. At my age (45) I wonder what the hell I am taking the pill for at all. Not like I am having any decent amount of sex. (Quality, sure, but not quantity….. I HATE LONG DISTANCE !!!!)

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