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What's your favorite 80's flick?

Asked by yetanother (251points) July 3rd, 2008

The songs thread got me thinking back. There were a lot of great (as well as awful) movies in the 80’s.

My favorite was always Better Off Dead, what’s yours?

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Sixteen Candles, is hands down my favorite John Hughes film of all time, followed by Some Kind of Wonderful, and Breakfast Club.


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Footloose :) – Top Gun!

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It’s a tie:
Dirty Dancing
St. Elmo’s Fire
Top Gun
Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Karate Kid
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Girls just wanna have fun
Did I mention I’m a bit of an 80’s nut?

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9 to 5 Bette Midler, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin.

A great film!

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I also liked Blade Runner and Bull Durham and a host of others.

@wildflower Have you seen this site? Perfect for indulging in an 80s movie wallow.

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Thank you!! That site rocks! How could I forget Adventures in Babysitting, Desperately Seeking Susan, Secret Admirer, Back to the Future, Electric Dreams, and I’m SO embarrassed I forgot Flashdance!

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Nice list guys:

@robhaya Sixteen Candles is pretty rad. +GA!
@marina Bull Durham and Blade Runner are pretty classic +GA!
@wildflower Breakin’, Ferris, Karate Kid, etc are great! +GA!

Surprised that no one has mentioned License to Drive yet…

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It’s embarrassing, but I love LadyHawk.

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A couple of more I forgot to mention;

Vision Quest
Uncle Buck

It’s a shame they don’t make movies like this anymore.

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My fave John Hughes is Some Kind Of Wonderful. But some of my other faves are Valley Girl, When Harry Met Sally and La Bamba.

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Midnight Run, one of my favorite comedies.

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Now for my slumming picks. Certainly not classics, but I loved Ghostbusters and Revenge of the Nerds.

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anybody agree with Teen Wolf, Howard the Duck, and The Goonies?

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Yay Goonies.

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And Say Anything.

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Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Weird Science

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Oh and Can’t Buy Me Love

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What about “Spies Like Us” and “Volunteers” and “Fletch” and “The Jerk”?

Oh man, those were some funny ass movies!

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I can’t believe no one said Fast Time at Ridgemont High!! I can watch that movie everyday! Definately one of my favorites…

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Easily Back to the Future hands down, no questions.

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@thehaight fo sho, Fast Times at Ridgemont High was kickass!

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True 80’s classics that nobody has mentioned yet:

Heathers – Cult classic teenage comedy with awesome one-liners.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension – Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this film or the drugs the writers must have been on when they wrote it.

Blues Brothers – do I really need to explain this one?

Cannonball run – An prime example of “ensemble” comedy largely unique to the 80’s, where you gather a bunch of stars and film them doing what they’re famous for.

Strange Brew – a largely forgotten comedy great, but for most it should probably stay forgotten.

Maximum Overdrive – continuing a long line of somewhat decent films with kick ass soundtracks (by AC/DC in this case), the quintessential example being….

Flash Gordon – I can still hear Freddy Mercury singing the theme song.

And for the younger set, or the young at heart:

The Secret of NIMH – From Don Bluth, the forgotten great American animator

The Dark Crystal – Jim Henson’s best movie work, possibly his best work period.

The Neverending story – classic escapist fantasy. A children’s tale that isn’t dumbed down like it would be today.

One Magic Christmas – I’ve put it here because I think it is unique among Christmas films, for being so dark yet so touching. This film is the prefect way to detox from all that Christmas cheer.

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Oh i almost forgot. Labyrinth

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@uberbatman, Ah yes… Labyrinth. Introducing young girls everywhere to the awesomeness that is David Bowie’s crotch.

(for those who haven’t seen the film, David Bowie spends most of it in a pair of pants that are, shall we say, far too tight for comfort. Surprising for what many thought to be a children’s film.)

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@xyzzy Yes, I almost put in Buckeroo Banzai. I loved that movie.

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Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (and Jedi too, but definitely second to Empire), Star Trek IV (the one where they go back to 80’s SF), ghostbusters, lots more I’m not thinking of. I know dawn of the dead was 1979, but that’s definitely in my top 10 movies of that general era as well

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marina that was dolly parton not bette midler

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Blues Brothers were the coolest!!!! Love the movie!!!

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Oops. Thanks, susanc. I guess I should have “racked” my brains harder. Dolly it was and one of her finest hours!

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Blazing Saddles! Was that in the 80’s?

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Great movie, but nope. 1974.

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A Christmas Story
The Last Unicorn
The Exterminator
Evil Dead
A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Neverending Story
Police Academy
The Watcher in the Woods

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The Monster Club, Fright Night….

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