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Which do you find more annoying, a spam or a troll?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18472points) May 1st, 2014

No more details needed.

Personally I get more annoyed when I see a troll. A spam can be modded easily and no one wants to feed (or bite) it. But a troll gathers a lot more people and can sometimes avoid being modded.

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Actually, users very, very frequently bite at spammers. It’s arduous to the moderation process and contributes to a negative environment on Fluther.

On the other hand, the problem with trolls is that sometimes users will identify someone as a troll. . . who isn’t a troll. At least not by the definition of the word that I am accustomed to (someone who doesn’t care whatsoever about the position they are posting about, but is simply trying to rile up a community for some sick pleasure.)

I am more frustrated by spammers. They come in mass numbers and give the moderators more busy work to complete. We have had very few trolls in the few years that I have been active on Fluther. Also, if you ignore a troll, they’ll typically get bored and move elsewhere. If you ignore a spammer, then your site will be flooded with spam.

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Trolls that eat spam.

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@Juels Then you hate me :( ~

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Spammers. At least trolls can be entertaining while you wait for the mods to step in, and you don’t get modded for flaming the trolls haha.

Seeing as how that’s how you defeat a troll and stop it from regenerating; fire!

Waaah shit!

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Neither. I ignore both equally.

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There’s no reason to be annoyed by either (unless you are a mod). We aren’t forced to be here. I think a person might need to find a new hobby if they find themselves annoyed by true trolls or spammers.

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Spam. At least with Trolls you get to mess with them if you want.

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A good troll can be witty, capable of making a good spectacle of the soft, white underbelly of heuristic stupidity in the hordes of cliques that populate the Internet. Spam has no useful purpose.

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Neither really annoys me. I just drift away, which annoys them.

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People don’t spam for fun. It should be killed ASAP but it is mostly people getting paid to do it so they can feed their kids. I respect that.

Trolls are just horrible people that want to stir up shit. No respect for that.

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I’m annoyed by neither, often entertained by both, but mostly apathetic all round.

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I am selling frozen bowls of soup. Oh boy oh boy! Contact me now because I saw your profile and I really like you, so send me all your money and I will pay for you to move over here so that we can eternally be together, eating frozen soup.

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Fave soup of men affected by a weak bladder…cock-a-leaky.

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A spoll. But not a tram. Trams are quite nice.

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@ucme I am annoyed by neither, often entertained by both, but mostly apathetic all-round.
Hear hear! Well put, about sums it up.

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@Adagio Fluther quirk strikes again, a post agreeing with a point gets more lurve than the point itself…giggles
Oh & for the bewildered among us, that don’t mean it bothers me, just pointing out one of many quirky Fluthery type stuff.

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@ucme Fluther always strikes, like a fucking three tailed scorpion, thought you’d be used to it by now. :D

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@Symbeline Doesn’t stop amusing me though, bit like watching a drunk person walking on ice, never gets old.

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Yeah I gets dat shit brah, but anyways gots to call it a ice…whoooa ’‘slips’’

Nights yall. :)

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Nights, it’s early morning over here, timezones are trippy.

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Spam can be done away with immediately, but it’s really lame. It doesn’t add anything to a Fluther discussion, because there is no discussion.

Trolls on the other hand, cannot always be spotted until further down the line. They can be fun to deal with, even though they suck as human beings. Kind of like politicians.

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I only want the nice people to answer, got that, bastards? XD

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@Symbeline Ha, that reminds me of a TV show years ago, think it was an historical drama of some sort.
It was called Meet The Bastard…always made me laugh when the announcer guy said, ”& now it’s time for…”

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@Symbeline Got that, Mrs Trombie, but you have ask a nice question first ~

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Lol what’s Trombie?

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Troll+zombie :p

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I like it. :) I should change my username to that.

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If you can do that maybe I’ll change my username into MAFIASHU! ~

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