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Should there be a "Fluther Junior" website?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Might it be more advantageous for teen Flutherites to have a site devoted to teen Q & A? Maybe a site devoted to 13 to 17— year-olds? Good idea? Bad idea?

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I think that a Fluther Junior site is a good idea but something more like 10–12, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with kid’s if they didn’t have the same interest as me. If I like politics but all of them wanted to argue about which movie is better, then I would feel that some questions will be left unanswered. Also if I need some advice only an adult can give me, I wouldn’t be able to ask it on Fluther Junior, I think the answers would be drastically different because of lack of experience and them just wanting to sound like they know what they’re talking about.

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No, despite the sometimes significant drawbacks, I like the intergenerational discussions.

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Yeah, I think it’s better to have everything all under one roof.

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Intelligent people (regardless of age) = fluther

Others = yahoo answers

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I don’t think there needs to be a Fluther Junior site, but as Fluther grows, I’m sure it will segment, like Digg did, and that would be perfect for a section of the site. That way you won’t split the community, because even if you want to have kid-focused questions, you still would want adults answering them, right?

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OK, I get it. My daughter (shout out to cecildooderbop) just joined, and I don’t know how comfortable I am with some of the Q & A’s. Like everything else though, communication and filtering through our value system is key. Thanks.

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@gimmedat I think if you scroll through Q&As from young people, you will see that there is a good balance of common sense and age-acquired wisdom to the peer counsel. Your daughter will be exposed to a range of viewpoints. She is being exposed to all the bad stuff already. I think Fluther may be an advantage since teens often don’t communicate openly with adults in the “real” world the way they do here.

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No offense, but that’s a terrible idea. I, being a 17 year old, would be offended by that. My, and all the other teens’, answers are just as good and insightful as the adults’.

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I have enjoyed being in on conversations with people of all ages. I wonder if the teens take our (the non-teens) advice?

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it’s also true that any “teen” board is just going to be filled with profanity & immature content… people tend to act the age of those around them, you know? fluther is a mostly adult site so the teenagers or young people here rise to the occasion, instead of goofing off. for the most part.

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