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Which ancient warrior or tribal group, had the coolest look?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) May 7th, 2014

Please provide a photo. I’m always intrigued with the most natural ways of human aesthetic. I wonder nearly everyday, how are humans meant to look if we didn’t cut or manipulate our hair growth.

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Those guys who colored themselves blue. It may be hard to provide photos since I don’t think there were cameras then.

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Were they Mayan?

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Shawnee Warriors

Didn’t the Scottish warriors paint themselves blue?

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The Celts and the Picts used the blue dye (called woad).

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The live ones.

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Japanese worriers were cool.

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It is really hard to choose. I’m biased because I have personal experience with the New Zealand Maori tribes. If you want a beautiful photo anthology of many tribal looks, check out this webpage…

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Well of course I’m picking Vikings. However finding pictures online of what Vikings actually may have looked like is pretty tough, as the romanticized Viking rules the Internet.

But here is an article that deals with actual Viking history and what they apparently looked like, if you care to read it.

TLDR haha.

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@Symbeline what age of the Viking? Pre-Christian?

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Well what I know to be the Viking Age was from the 8th to 10th century, as mentioned in the article. I’m aware the people known as Vikings, or who became them, were around way the heck before that though.

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The Omo people look pretty cool.

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Zulu Warrior takes the cake for me. Their chief, Shaka Zulu, invented the assegai, which was one on the first long throwing spears in history.

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