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How do I fill out the application form from McDonalds?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) May 7th, 2014

Specifically what hours a day that I want to work? I only want to work part time and I don’t have any other demands on my time. It takes 2 hours to talk from my home and Cab fare is $9 a trip. Any other advice is welcome.

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I would suggest looking into what employment would do to your already issued government benefits.

You might be in risk of losing them if you are employed. And if the job doesn’t work out it might be hard to get them back.

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Two hours is a long trip. Maybe you could find something closer? I’m not sure what minimum wage is, but isn’t the cab fare both ways about 3 hours worth of work?

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You can write “Any” in the time slots. There should also be a check box for part time, or a space where you can write in the maximum hours per week you want to work.

Have you considered getting a bicycle? A two hour walk takes about half an hour on a bike.

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@wildpotato I’m 300lbs I don’t think that they make tries for my weight class… last time I rode a bike the wheels burst. I will buy a bike when I lose some weight.

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Have you considered applying for work at a grocery store? You could help restock or bag, among other things. And you may get a small discount in groceries on top of income. That would be a win/win!

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Couldn’t you use public transport? Applying for the job is a great idea, good for you!

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@talljasperman There are modifications that can help with that – according to this dude (who weighed twice what you do) it’s mostly about the suspension fork. Check out some of his other posts, too – he’s very inspiring, and talks a lot about biking.

Then there’s Worksman Cycles. Their INB model can handle up to 400 lbs as is and can be upgraded to take more. And their trike can do up to 500 lbs.

There’s also recumbent bikes, trikes, and quads for large people.

The above links are mostly to show you it’s possible and get some ideas flowing. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a brand new bike – you really just need an old lugged steel frame bike with upright handlebars so you’re not leaning over too much, and strong tires. And avoid riding over potholes and curb jumping.

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I understand not wanting to ride a bike. I was 315 in late 2013 and I hadn’t been on a bike for years. It IS hard when you are that weight. Unless you’re willing/able to purchase an expensive bicycle to accommodate your weight, it’s best to find other options.

I do think you should call and see what added income will do to your benefits.

Are you sure you can’t find anything closer?

Not sure if this an issue but be aware that McDonalds will have you on your feet for all of your work. Just something to consider. invest in some good shoes or you will be crying.

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Well, did you fill out the application?

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@GloPro I only filled in the top part and I chickened out and went home. The owner has my phone number if she really wants me… I would rather not leave the apartment to work.

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Well, @talljasperman, it’s a start. I’m proud of you for trying!
I doubt she’ll call, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take that experience and build on it.

What did you think of my grocery store idea? I know you go to the store, so it’s a place you’re comfortable with, and I bet you recognize some people there. You may be able to work after hours restocking if you aren’t ready to be around a lot of people or have people ask you a lot of questions. And the manager might even be up for letting you work 4 hour shifts or so.

Think about it :-)

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