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If petrol is $1.60 a litre how much would this be in gallons?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16357points) May 7th, 2014

I know I’m supposed to be able to figure this out. Ehh. So if it’s 1.60 per litre and the aussie dollar is 93.6 usd, how much is petrol (gas) here per gallon? Maybe somebody that’s bored can help me?

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1 liter=0.22 gallons

$1.60 per liter
=$1.60 per 0.22 gallons
=$7.27 per gallon

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holy shite i’msorry i asked omg. Thanks @Dan_Lyons

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Wait. It is:
1 Liter = 0.26417205236 gallons or 3.79 liters per US gallon

$1.60 per 0.264 gallons =
$6.06 per gallon

Also right now the exchage rate is $1.07 Aus to $1.00 US so if your $1.60 price was in Aus dollars and you want to convert it to US then :
$6.06 Aus/gal / 1.07 = $5.66 US / US gallon

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$6.06 per gallon

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