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It’s truly sad that a media outlet gave this douchebag what he was seeking and that was attention. I say lock him up and feed him nothing but Cheeze Whiz in a can for the next 12 years.

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@Cruiser haha…agreed, Crush his cracker.

Cruiser's avatar

@Coloma no crackers or milk….just Cheeze Whiz and warm hot Club Soda.

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I would cut my own cheese and leave the lingering redolance waft up into his olfactory receptors. Translation: I’d fart in his face!

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@Yetanotheruser Hahaha…this world, now we have cheese creepers. A wholesome family snack. lol

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I guess he likes the tiny holes….

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^^^^ LOL….very good!

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Did you see the guy’s face? He didn’t need to be perverse with cheese to scare all those women off! What an ugly mother effer!

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”...attempts to lure women to his car with a block of cheese…”

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^ Hypocrisy_Central can check that one off his list.

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ick… just… ick!
What a waste of cheese!

(Besides, every knows you’re supposed to use warm brie.)

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Gosh, puts a whole new meaning on cheesy b@lls.

Coloma's avatar

Hahaha…you guys, I agree…what a waste of perfectly good cheese.
The depths of depravity know no bounds. lol

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Not the kind of cheese I would want on my pizza!

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Reminds me of that kids book “The Stinky Cheese Man.” lol

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I’ll havarti what he’s having?

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@Coloma Let’s not make it personal, now! Ha-ha

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