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What are events that caught your attention recently (and/or may have even made you paranoid)?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14950points) May 10th, 2014

As asked.

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That 70% of the worlds Oranges were destroyed last month.

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The Russia/Crimea issue. I admit I don’t get all of it, it’s confusing to me. But I’m kinda freaked out it might cause a war. People keep telling me, no it won’t, don’t worry. But mankind has always had wars, and many of them are modern, obviously. So I keep thinking to myself, what exactly stops this from becoming one? I wish I understood more about world matters though, so maybe I wouldn’t be paranoid about this haha.

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Nothing. I don’t pay attention to current events.

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@talljasperman Say what? I googled “oranges destroyed” for recent news and only came up with this and this (which, surprisingly, I actually kind of dig).

Source, please?

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There was violence on my bus route about 3.30am Saturday. 6 people were hurt. 5 men in their 20s are being talked to. It has me a bit rattled. Last year, a bridge collapsed on my bus route. Feeling grey and cold.

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Especially Europe’s reaction to it, in contrast to its reaction to the NSA economic espionage scandal.
Russia gets hit with sanctions almost immediately, and the Ukrainian crisis does not even impact Europe directly.
But the colonies do not even get a slap on the wrist, not even a tough talk, just a “please do not spy on us anymore, ok? What, you will keep spying on us? Ok, fine then, nevermind”.

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Like @Symbeline and @ragingloli, I’m worried about Russia/Ukraine—so much so, in fact, that I’ve practically stopped watching the news about it. It’s like being back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, with talk of miscalculations and a-bomb shelters. I’ve always worried about nuclear weapons being in the hands of mad men with axes to grind—and now it looks like Putin could be one of those guys.

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I am not worried about Putin using nuclear weapons.
His actions have been quite calculated, and his strategy is slowly testing the waters against the west to see how much he can get away with.
If he did not care about consequences, he would have invaded the Ukraine in full force from the start, instead of secretly controlling the russian separatists, sparking a civil war.

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MAD pretty much guaranteed that the US and USSR were not going to have a thermonuclear war. Instead we and they engaged in an economic war that they lost in name only. This form of warfare continues. By controlling a significant portion of the world’s energy supply (with the cooperation of Exxon) Putin is beginning to rebuild the lost Russian empire, one country after another. Ukraine, or a significant portion of it, will be the second country to be returned to the soviet satellite status. More will follow. We and Europe will be unable to stop this gradual reconstitution because of their dependency on soviet supplied natural gas. It will take years, maybe decades, before we and other countries can provide Europe with sufficient quantities of this fuel. Thanks to the demise of the middle-class here and abroad the western world is unlikely to win this war unless technology can provide a source of energy not derived from fossil fuels.

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The die-offs of frogs, bees, coral reefs, etc. The idea that there will be no edible fish left in the oceans in 50 years, the onset of antibiotic resistant disease strains like MRSA.

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@wildpotato I think it was Real Time with Bill Maher , but I’m not sure…. your first link might be it.

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I was driving down the street where my bank is located and a gruff looking guy walked into the middle of the left lane with his hands up. For a split second it looked like he was trying to kill himself, but he was probably just trying to cross the street

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I think I’ll answer my question :p

The current event which is making me paranoid is pretty similar to that of @Symbeline, @ragingloli and @Pachy. The only difference is that it’s not in another place, but right in my country!

I have been doing something unusual lately: spending hours on Facebook. I want to get the latest information of the event. So far the situation in pretty tense, as if a war could break out in any moment, even when I least expect it.

I feel like my head is going to explore. I wish I could do something to stop all of this!

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LOL. Hurricane Irma, Jose and Maria. Compared to everything else, including all other more important things taken from a world-wide perspective, these three storms got my total attention for about a week.

Now, back to being just generally concerned about all the shit described above.

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