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Veterans of RHPS(Rocky Horror): what are your favorite audience participation moments?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) May 13th, 2014 from iPhone

I was reminded about this by a Q regarding cult films and fondly remember all the midnight showings I attended in Philly.

I’d also be curious about whether there was much variation from one part of the country to another. So, could you also include which city you were in when you went?

I think this was pretty much a US phenemenon at the time but other countries are welcome to chime in if applicable.

Which props did you bring? Did you come in costume as one of the characters? I’d love to hear about your fond memories and favorite moments.

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“A Toast!” <everyone throws toast>

I’ve always been a fan of lame puns :P

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Favorite audience participation moment? For us who are sick of it after 40 years, bypassing the channel it’s playing on. ;-)

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I saw the movie a couple of years ago. I know it was popular once, but I have to confess that I thought it was sort of stupid. My point in saying it is that I really do not know what you are talking about, but I can’t wait to see the answers to the question.

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“I see you shiver with Antici-”

“Say it!”


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70’s Flower Child here. I’ve never seen it. :( Wish I’d been in on one of them.

@josie I’m thinking it became famous not because it was a good movie, but because of the audience participation. I’ve heard about it so much I can almost see the toast flying around the theater!

I wonder who started it….

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38 trivia facts about RHPS

Oh!! Dammit Janet debuted here!

23. In the dinner scene, Barry Bostwick pounds his fist on the table, accidentally hitting Susan Sarandon’s hand—and her reaction is priceless.

24. ...But don’t feel sorry for Sarandon! Watch the “floor show” scene carefully: She steps on Bostwick’s foot with her heel, visibly hurting him.

25. Only Tim Curry and Richard O’Brien knew Eddie’s remains were under the table during the dinner scene—when the body is revealed, the looks of horror on the actors’ faces were real.

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I was taken to my first RHPS show when I was 13—the energy at these shows is addictive. Watching it on DVD is just not the same.

My favorite part—the shot of Dr. Frankenfurter’s heels, with one stomping, coming down the elevator. That means that the fun’s about to start!

I usually zone out after Rose Tint My World… the ending is a drag.

My favorite participation moment—everyone dressing up, adding their own flair.

I loved it when Glee did their RHPS show—loved how they did it!

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I have only gone a few times. My fav was when I went with a couple of friends and we dressed up. They were trannies and I was Magenta. We brought toast, rice, water pistols, newspapers and I forget what else. My favorite was when my boyfriend who was at RHPS virgin had to get up at the front and be teased about it. Although I do enjoy screaming asshole at Brad.

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Toucha toucha touuuuch me, I wanna be diiirrrrty, thrill me, chill me, fulfill meeee, creature of the niiight!
I could sing that all day, 38 years later, haha

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I’m also a fan of lame puns so my fav is when Brad shouts “Great Scott” and rolls of toilet paper come flying onstage. I always saved the ends of my TP rolls at home for the next time we went.

Watching it on TV really is pretty pointless. It’s a pretty crappy movie, all told. Were it not for the audience participation at midnight showings, it would have long been forgotten parked in the dustbin of history :)

In my younger more naive years, I was unfamiliar with the alternate meaning of the word

I think RHPS is the perfect example of “campy”.

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My father used to go as Riff-Raff, and my uncle as Frank-N-Furter.

We had a fancy-dress week in my high school, and a bunch of us got together and did RHPS. I went as Columbia.

When I was a youngling, probably too young to watch it, and definitely too young to get the jokes, my dad and I would watch the movie in the living room, and we’d do all the props. The newspaper, the Hershey bar, the rice, the toast, the toilet paper… and of course, the Time Warp.

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