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What's the most bizarre costume you've ever seen?

Asked by kheredia (5561points) October 21st, 2009

Now that we’re getting closer to Halloween I was just wondering what’s the most bizarre or weird costume you’ve ever come across.
This page has some pretty good ones.

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My dad dressed as a lady. He wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe, but instead turned out being a prettier version of his older sister ;D

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My dad painted his face and hands with green watercolor paint, and then wore his regular suit and tie to be a monster going to a party.

I still remember a guy in college who came dressed as a giant penis. He also wore a red mesh laundry bag tied to his belt with two basketballs inside.

And then our librarian came to work one Halloween as one of the singing California Raisins. She wore a black leotard and tights with white gloves and two-toned sneakers, and a brown plastic trash bag stuffed with newspaper. By the end of the day the newspaper started falling out randomly, leaving a trail behind her.

Another year, her young son dressed up as an umbrella.

One year I was an English Bulldog.

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Lol! Wow @Darwin you’ve seen quite a few strange ones haven’t you.. haha!

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When I was little, I saw a guy dressed up as a chicken thigh.

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My friend was a jellyfish one year. She used one of those clear plastic umbrellas for the hood. It had iridescent, transparent ‘tales’ or strips of plastic attached to the bottom of the ‘hood.’ Hard to describe via words, but it was amazing.

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@kheredia – And I didn’t say anything about the costumes I saw in Key West.

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I thought Ralph Macchio’s shower costume in the movie The Karate Kid was bizarre.

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Some dorm at my school did cut out figures, which was unique.

One year I was teaching a kindergarten class, and each class was entered in a costume contest. So I dressed up as a bunch of grapes (dressed in green with a “stem hat” and had purple balloons attached to myself) and each child in my class dressed as a grape (big,purple, circular poster board costumes. We were a hit and manage to win the contest, though our costume took by far the least amount of work and money.

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I just recently saw a guy that said he was suppose to be Squidward from Spongebob. It wasn’t weird, until he told me that he was using a condom for the nose. I really wish I had my camera with me on that one.

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Some of my past costumes:

laundry basket
columbine victim/ex-poster child for the NRA
concussed mayhem fan (with sheep head)
morton salt girl (with gory neck injury)
an edward gorey drawing
slashed up little red riding hood

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I got two from last year’s halloween party:

1. This guy dressed up as a priest and had some sort of child sized doll attatched to him mouth-to-crotch, and the doll was dressed up as an alter boy
2. This guy took a few boxes of his girlfriend’s tampon’s, covered them with ketchup, attatched them all over his clothes and dubbed himself: “Heavy Flow”

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Did Heavy Flow lay down any phat rhymes?

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I think it’s funny when people dress up as shrubs and then sit in the shrubs and jump out at passer-bys. I went to Penn State for Halloween last year and there were quite a few people doing this. It was funny to see all the slutty girl cops reactions as they got scared and tripped in their eight inch heels…

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What if they dressed up as president Bush and jumped out at people? They would of course have to hide behind a bush.

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One year, I was the Mona Lisa and my brother was a submarine captain. We made a 3’x8’ submarine out of cardboard that he wore over his shoulders, and I wore green sheets and then had the backdrop painted on cardboard by one of my uncle’s artist friends with a hole for my face. My sister was a water tower one year.

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Not the most bizarre, but quite obviously the most startling. A couple years ago at my annual Halloween party, a good friend shaved his entire head (much to his wife’s dismay), had his son draw an eyeball on the back of his head, and he came to the party as ME.

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A guy dressed as an erect 8-ft. tall penis. I know I’ve told this story recently…

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Well, seeing as I go to anime conventions yearly, I get to see some pretty wacky costumes even if it isn’t Halloween.

The first one that comes to mind was someone dressed up as a box of Pocky. But my favorite was done by these three guys who had WORKING televisions and speakers on their heads. I have no idea how they did that, but it was epic.

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That thing Lady Gaga wore on SNL.

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lucillelucillelucille’s had a halloween costume that is one of the wildest I have ever seen. ;)

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Craziest costume I ever saw was someone that came as a tumbleweed. He actually stitched a real tumbleweed to his overalls.

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If I were young and limber I would fasten my feet up to my thighs with belts, and my hands to my shoulders likewise, and wear a teddy bear outfit. Free patterns are available HERE. I imagine I would get lots of hugs before I had to get out of it to restore my blood circulation.

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