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Could the Ibuprofen be making this difference?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36370points) May 14th, 2014

I complained to Rarebear about my pinky being numb all the time. He correctly diagnosed me as having ulnar nerve entrapment. I implemented a bunch of decent sounding advice from fb peeps before I went to a specialist, who said I was on the right track. So I’ve been on the regime for about a month.

One person’s advice was to take Ibuprofen a couple of times a day to help with the swelling, so I have been. Every morning and every night. I’m not a big aspirin taker so this was an unusual step for me. I KNOW IBUPROFEN IS NOT ASPIRIN!!

A second problem I’ve been having for many, many moons is my back hurting. Anytime I did anything that required lifting or bending turned me into a cripple for a few minutes afterward. Raking leaves, bending and straightening constantly for more than a minute or two left me almost unable to walk for a while, until I rested. It was SO frustrating.

Well, yesterday I did some work in the laundry room which required a bunch of crouching and stretching and reaching and crawling (The flex hose has been off of the dryer vent for a couple of months so I had a MESS to clean up. All better now!).
It didn’t hit me until today….my back didn’t hurt afterward!

Could this be because of the Ibuprofen?

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Could very well be.

I live on ibuprofen.

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Why do you live on ibuprofen?

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It could be. Ibuprofen helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Wait, you have Hello Kitty duct tape? How sweet is that?

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A long list of sports injuries, a helicopter mishap, a couple of bad falls etc.
If I don’t take it, I moan everytime I stand or sit.

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LOL! You caught it @Juels! I wanted to put another layer on, but I ran out and Corrie took off with my Batman duct tape the other day. I decorated a big, giant box for the twins for their birthday. That’s why I had Hello Kitty and Batman duct tape lying around. :)

What did you do to the helicopter, @josie? Did you break it?

Well, I guess I’m with it for life, if it makes that much difference.

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Ibuprofen (motrin, advil) specifically addresses inflammation. Your back was probably inflamed and never had a chance to heal. The ibuprofen may have addressed it.

The one downside that I have noticed, when I take ibuprofen for more than a day or two – is that it causes constipation.

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Definitely. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory.

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Another downside is that frequent use of Ibuprofen and other OTC pain relievers can cause Rebound Pain

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You know, I just don’t get headaches, so if I get one I guess I’ll know what’s caused it.

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I can’t believe how much physical labor I did again today. Lot of heavy lifting, pulling and shoving, no problem. There is still a problem though, if I kind of stand bent over, suspended, like leaning over.
I feel good. I feel strong for the first time in a loooong time.

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Yeah NSAIDS reduce inflammation so they can help with that kind of pain. The unfortunate thing is that regular usage of them is dangerous for your digestive tract (regular usage can cause ulcers).

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