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What are some craft ideas to do with 7 year olds at a party?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 14th, 2014

I am hosting about 24 7 year olds at a birthday party this weekend. My daughter wants to do a craft. We are having a magician and have about a half hour to do the craft before the magician starts his act.

All ideas welcome.

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Origami or any kind of paper craft is fun for kids that age.

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You could have the kids make and decorate their own party hats. You could then polaroid photograph them wearing the hats. Have stickers, glitter, crayons and/or markers.

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Holiday ornaments are always a fun project for kids that age.

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Playing off of @marinelife‘s terrific idea, you could make it a contest, breaking the group up into teams, with each team making hats (or masks) using only the materials you supply. Awards could be given both to individual teams and team members.

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We had a party once, where they decorated their own pizzas. We then baked them during a game session we had and they ate their own handywork.

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Make your own sundaes.

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Cupcake decorating is always a hit, and it will save you money on a cake. Just buy the frosting, put it in baggies with decorator tips (or just cut a small hole in the corner), give the kids sprinkles and other edible decorations, and let the kids go to town decorating the cupcake they will eat. They will love it!

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Since you’re having a magician, I’d go with a magic(ish)-themed craft.

- make their own wands (wooden sticks or dowels, crystals, wire, beads, ribbon, etc.)

- invisible ink
(cook up a batch beforehand, have the girls write/draw something for the birthday girl or for each other, in their own notebook that they can decode later, take a little bottle home)

- do an origami project like forestGeek already suggested—but with some thermochromatic paper

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I’m glad you’re still with us.

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