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Would you take your young children on a cruise?

Asked by cheebdragon (19289points) July 4th, 2008 from iPhone

I have been on a few cruises and I have seen lots of little kids (under 10 years old) running around the ship. Some people take their babies and toddlers…... I dont understand it, I know its their right to take their kids anywhere they please, but as a parent of 2 year old, I would be way too nervous to take my son on a cruise ship. What do you think?

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i’ve never been on a cruise ship but i think that, other thank the safety hazards, it sounds ideal. a somewhat enclosed area with a lot of fun activities etc? plus relaxation for the parents? what could be better?

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Most cruises offer a free or low cost day camp/babysitting during the trip. That way the parents are free to do as they please. That may be something to look into.

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* other THAN the safety hazards; not “thank” .. sorry

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Cheebdragon… I’d be a little nervous myself. Wife and I were talking about this one the other day and her answer would be an emphatic “Hell No.” kids are curious, and if there is a nice dangerous rail you can lean on and look out at the pretty ocean, they’ll find their way to it. That thought probably wouldn’t leave my mind the whole cruise. Not my idea of “relaxation.”

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I agree. Ever try to catch a darting toddler?

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I can just see an eric Clapton type accident happening, but I dont recall ever hearing about any kids going overboard on cruise ships, in the news….but I do remember hearing about a young girl who was pulled into a room and raped by a member of the crew or something like that…...

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Unless it is the Disney Cruise, it’s not worth the money or stress.

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@cheeb, i don’t think rape-by-a-crew-member is a reason not to take your kid on a cruise. it may be a reason not to take your kid to prison.

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I didnt say I was going to avoid a cruise all together because 1 little girl was raped 10 years ago….....I was only pointing out that I have never heard any other stories about something bad happening to kids on cruises.

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It’s better than sending them by themselves I guess.

I’ve been on a boat with my daughter before and nearly died of heart failure everytime she as much as looked at the railings. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on a boat for a prolonged period of time with a young child. They’re too curious, and we’re too protective.

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We took a three-year-old (almost four) on a cruise and he loved it.

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