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How many questions have you asked on Fluther & which spawned the best thread?

Asked by ucme (45355points) May 31st, 2014

This is my 1,000th question & it seems a nice number to end on.
Not sure which threads were my faves, but you can bet they were the ones that were fun & had no miserable, negative vibes.
That’s the way I roll see, but I digress, answer this or don’t B0}

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For me, it’s probably this one.
Much fun was had in that thread, probably my most successful one where people had fun in. I hope.

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How the hell did I miss that one? Maybe I was on a break back then, good one though.

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Could be. Nothing stops you from posting in it now though. :D

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Haha, now there’s a thought!

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I missed it also, particularly this contribution from @jonsblond:

The Milo Award for being added to gailcalder’s fluther.”
Ain’t gonna happen…just sayin’...meow.

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I asked 1123 questions as of today. The greatest had 14 lurve, and then there’s 13, 12, 11 and 6 questions got 10 lurve.

My greatest was worded something like “if you could communicate with a deceased relative or friend, who would you choose to talk to and what would you say?” and my second highest lurve was something like “if Fluther were around during the Little House on the Prairie days, how would it be different.”

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Will someone please hijack this thread? has been the most prolific at 2075 responses and counting. Very random shit.

My personal favorite was,“Will you all please help me get my first orphan question?”. It was pulled after some asshole went and answered it.

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124 questions total.

My tops were my “thanks for making me not want to kill myself” question, and after that my “Askville refugee welcome wagon” question.

My top non-Meta question is Why are you a ____?

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Yeah, by best I meant threads free from bullshit, no moderation, great answers & a shit ton of laughs.
Volume of answers & a tonnage of lurve still works though, good stuff peeps.

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Ah. Can’t say I likely have much of that. Most of my questions are pretty straightforward “tell me what I need to know” threads.

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Just meandered through some of mine & I like this one
Great answers, good people, not a hint of bitching & best of all, a jelly remembered my football team.

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I never asked a question here yet. I was a member of another site for many years and I learned one thing. You can almost predict what every answer to every question will be by the personalities on the site. I can just look at an Avatar and guess with 100% certainly what their answer will be.

If you haven’t guessed, I am an observer. I don’t post as much as others here but I read most of the posts and have formed many many opinions. (which I keep to myself)

congratulations on 1,000 questions if that is your goal.

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It was never a goal, but a landmark worth whispering anyway fwiw.

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This was probably my most contentious, with 327 responses. My favorite is this, and Fluther folks seemed to enjoy this one. I think my most unique question involved a dental gag for a tiger and the one that made me feel good was this

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I’ve asked 141 questions.

I think this one was the most fun.

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19 total. Yawn inducing. But never mind. I’m irritated right now with a particular bank, and I don’t mean the poor souls slaving away in my local branch.

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I’ve asked 30.
This one about Fluther’s “weird obsessions” seemed to be the Jellies’ favorite.
This one was the most interesting in my opinion (I now know how to prove this using other methods than the one @Mariah showed me).
This one, one of my angry-spur-of-the-moment ranting questions, turned out to be pretty useful for me.
I shall ask a question about soap soon.

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^^I still have mine in editing haha.

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149, I can’t really think if one that stands out as being the way thread though.

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