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Which is the best hands free head set?

Asked by chatnoir (156points) July 4th, 2008

In CA we are required to use them while driving and they can be quite expensive, so I want to make a good choice

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Some folks might challenge me on this opinion, but I think the jury’s still out on high radio frequency exposure and cancer; I’m quite paranoid of things resonating at that high a frequency close to my brain cells for prolonged periods of time.

My answer based on that assertion is to look into wired earphones. I happen to be an iPhone owner and use some pretty nice sounding stereo earphones that have the combination in-line microphone on the wire; I simply plug them in before driving and when a call comes in, pick up the earbud and press the answer button. Works for me and also saves the hassle of charging a Bluetooth all the time.

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Jawbone 2. It’s expensive but offers the best sound quality I’ve found at any pricepoint.

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I just bought my brother a samsung wp500, works great and its just a little bigger than a quarter….

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Bought the * Jawbone and am very happy with it. Can’t believe the voice quality and it’s so comfortable in my ear, I forget it’s there. Thanks for the feedback.

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