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What would the world's economy be like today had Lincoln allowed the South to secede from the Union?

Asked by SenatorBailey (106points) July 4th, 2008
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I don’t care either way, better or worse. Where would race relations be like? And what would have become of an entire race of people?

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There is actually a great movie on this subject matter. it’s called the C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America. It mixes a lot of “what if” with actual history. Definitely worth checking out!

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Very good question. The war was not about racism or slavery that was propaganda to stop the English from helping the south. The war was about states rights. The economic undertone was also a driving force for the north. Remember the victors write the history of war.
I am glad the north did what they did because if not England would have taken over a weaker divided America. Then World War II would have had a different ending. So basically the word economy would be different because the main players would all be different.
The world would be no better off…in my opinion

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We have no way of knowing.

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“The victors write the history of war.”

What a great saying.

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@gooch excellent post!

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The south would be similar, except they would get less social services and welfare. The North would be more prosperous not having to send so many welfare checks to all bubba’s-baby-momma’s.

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