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What do you wish Fluther could change?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14773points) May 19th, 2014

Hey! It’s not like I’m disappointed with Dr. Jelly or anything like that. I officially considered him a good friend a long time ago.

But really, everyone has their own flaws. And the outsiders are often the one who can point them out. And constructive criticisms are good.

So, what do you think Fluther “could have done better”? What’s your critique for Dr. Jelly?

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I think in some cases people can ask or answer a question more freely when they can chose to remain anonymous. Some QA forums like answerology have this feature.

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I wish the way the PM works should change.

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I wish some of the past members could come back.

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dxs, Do you miss somebody?

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Apparently, Dr. Jelly is dead. If you click on the profile, it says ” coaching Steve Jobs on what to come out with next. (or similar wording)” Steve Jobs is dead. If Dr. Jelly is coaching Steve Jobs, that would mean Dr. J is also dead. RIP.

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A £50 note

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Other than this, it’s fine.

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@hominid Didn’t you know that Dr. J is a dom?

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Correcting avatar problem would be cool.

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I wouldn’t change a thing about Fluther. It’s assets and it’s flaws are a perfect balance of what I lurve.

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Get rid of the lurve system.

@wingsonroots Heh I remember back on AnswerBag, you could post as ’‘anonymous’’. Those people were trolled, flamed, ridiculed and otherwise put down by everyone for ’‘not having the balls to create an account’’. That would probably happen here too, if we had that feature.

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^^^ Or they would be the trollers, ridiculers and flamers.

I wish the modding would stick to the proposed guidelines and not random censoring. There should not be different modding standards for different people.

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Word up on the mod thing, too.

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I don’t understand what the difference is between answering anonymously and having an account which is completely fictitious.

As for changing Fluther, Why? It seems to be working well. There are a couple of great questions raging right now which are keeping me from my work.

What do you wantr to change about Fluther, @Mimishu1995

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I don’t understand what the difference is between answering anonymously and having an account which is completely fictitious.

I don’t either, but back when I was on AB it was a thing. And I’m not making myself look better than everyone else, but when I was on there I never made fun of the anonymous users.

Of course, being better than most people on AB is really no hard feat, really.

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This is a question worthy of serious reflection. Back to you later.

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Love it as it is… what about a search function to find other jellies?

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@antimatter If you go up in the search box and type @jellyname, you will find them.

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@chyna yea, finding other jellies is about all the search box is good for. It seems unless you know the exact wording for the question you’re rather unlikely to find it unless you search google.

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It would nice if the time limit for editing an answer was increased from 10 minutes to an hour.

I wish Fluther had pagination so that once a thread had more than 50 replies, a new page would be created, thereby reducing load times for thread access.

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@Brian1946 Good ones, especially the time limit.

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If you were given an hour to edit your answers I would say something everyone agrees with, get lots of lurve, then edit it to something totally ridiculous like “Wow, I can’t believe @Hypocrisy_Central just admitted I’m right and he’s wrong! Thanks for agreeing with me and nominating me Fluther’s Smartest Jelly, everybody!”

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I’d like user-configurable filtering with a “View anyways?” option that would allow one a choice whether to see particular comments. The only place I know that does this also has a neg-rep system, but no comments are actually totally blocked due to the “View anyways?” button.

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@GloPro Which is pretty much exactly what happens over at Reddit.

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Things for building a better Fluther:

• Having grammar and such built into the program, like when you fill out forms and the syntax or something is off, it alerts you that you need to correct something before you can proceed.
• Second to that, would be to have a 60–90 minute window to make corrections.
• Have three categories, General, serious, and fluff/trivia.
• Ditch the lifetime lurve limits.
• Once you have achieves a certain level you can receive X amount of bonus questions you can ask per week.
• Questions you do not use rollover for use in the next 72 hours, then the window close and those questions leave your “question bank”.
• To be able to upload images, songs, etc. from your hard drive.

Dang it, there were a few more, but I cannot remember right now.

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Okay @Mimishu1995 here’s one thing. When we go to edit our responses, I would like the original question on that page for me to refer.

And also have the @ to still give me the dropdown box menu of names instead of having to copy/paste the member’s name to whom you wish to specifically reply. @nodropdown menu.

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An ignore button for certain users

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I wish Augie came back as top banana.

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There’s this ridiculous question in General, something about a dream. It’s a new user and it’s one of those “what does this dream mean” questions. It’s been there at least six hours if not more. It has the word “been” spelled as “bin.” It has the word “and” spelled as “nd.” I flagged it about five hours ago. It’s still there. WTF?

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The toilet paper roll.

I’m so tired of being the only one who puts a new roll on the holder.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. It’s nice to see some constructive criticism for Dr. J.

@wingsonroots I was about to agree with you but it will turn Fluther into another “”, with full of bullying (because no one has to fear of being revealed their identities). Like @Symbeline said, it will be a goldmine for cowards who love attacking-for-no-reason and drive (and traumatize) many good jellies.

@Khajuria9 I see nothing particularly wrong with the PMs. Could you be a bit specific as to what you find not so good?

@dxs Being fairly new here, I’m not sure I have the same attitude as you. But it will be nice to meet them :)
FYI, I love (and miss) @Dog :(

@AshLeigh Totally agree! Even now I still don’t know which avatar you are using, the smiling one or the “mysterious” one.

@Symbeline Get rid of the lurve system.
How about 10K, 20K and 30K parties?

@GloPro I wish the modding would stick to the proposed guidelines and not random censoring. There should not be different modding standards for different people.
Agree! I sometimes can’t understand why some certain things are modded.

@Dan_Lyons When we go to edit our responses, I would like the original question on that page for me to refer.
Facebook much, eh? I don’t really agree with you about it. What if I include something stupid and controversial in the original question and someone sees it and gets offended? Let bygone be bygone, I prefer so.

And also have the @ to still give me the dropdown box menu of names instead of having to copy/paste the member’s name to whom you wish to specifically reply. @nodropdown menu.
This time I agree with you. There are some occasion when that @ things don’t work, and I have to clench my teeth while trying to find the person I’m referring to and copy/paste their name. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh!

@ARE_you_kidding_me Again, Facebook much, eh? I just hope it won’t be overused and abused :p

@jca I flagged it too. Apparently the mods have all gone to bed now :p

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And now, in response to @Dan_Lyons’ request, I’ll critique Dr. J.

I think you have already said what I want to say. I agree with @AshLeigh‘s avatar issue, @GloPro‘s mod problem, somewhat with @Brian1946‘s editing time limit, @jca‘s request for Augie’s return and @Hypocrisy_Central‘s request for uploading stuff from hard drive.

I also have my own critique for Dr. J. I will list them from the least serious one to the most serious one.

- A bit trivial, but I wish Fluther allowed animated images, like in some forums. I would like to see my mafioso really fire his machine gun :p

- Fluther’s search feature could have been better. It works quite well with username, but how about questions? I would suggest adding three buttons for the question search: “most recent”, “greatest”, and “least recent”. Having to just scroll down and click “next” in order to find the question you want is just tiring.

- I would also suggest adding the “first” and “last” buttons for the “questions” and “answer” pages on your profile, near the “1, 2, 3, 4…” thing so that you can turn to the first and last pages easier. It will make my search for past questions and answers easier. It’s often a nightmare when I want to find a question/answer I asked in the past, especially those first ones. I just don’t have time to go over “1, 2, 3, 4…” without a “last” button.

- Disclaimer: this critique may be controversial, and I have fully steered myself for any rocks thrown on me
Fluther’s general policy with newcomers. Some old jellies here, as far as I know and as some jellies here have put down, are a little too harsh with new jellies. It’s like they expect new jellies to have known how things work here beforehand and don’t do the “don’t” here. Come on, they are trying to find their way here, cut them some slacks. As long as they come here not for spamming or attacking/trolling/degrading, I think they deserve a gentle welcome and a good guide. I’ve seen a “what does my dream means” question recently (the one @jca mentioned). And some old jellies are being a bit harsh with the OP, saying some pretty… err, “discouraging” things about the question. I think that question doesn’t fall into any “taboo” categories (spamming, trolling, attacking, degrading), so maybe a gentler, more helpful response will be better? Fluther is a small community, and we can benefit from getting more members. Maybe, these “bad” jellies, after receiving a good guide, will be good one and can contribute much for this site?

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I wish General was for questions that have definitive answers and solve problems.

I wish Social was for open ended things like politics, news, and religion.

Separating by the type of answers is a bit of a head-scratcher.

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@Mimishu1995, exactly! I have two. And they switch back and forth at random. Haha. Sometimes I even have up to three.

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I would like for everyone who complains about the moderation process to try BEING a mod for a month, and then they can see what a difficult and thankless task it really is.

And truthfully, I would like to see the writing standards relaxed completely. Not to the extent of allowing nonsense questions like “How is babby formd”, but just to allow minor typos and grammatical errors to stand, unless the poster of those errors misses the edit window and asks for it to be modded themselves.

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I could be a mod for a day, a week, a year. I still would not flag “Describe your hands.”

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I never complain about a Mod’s decision. Really. If I had the job my opinion might be different, but I don’t so my opinion does not count. The mods are always right and they are my heros for stepping up to the plate and taking quite a few for the team! Thanks!

I would add a function that lets users know someone referred to them in an answer.

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This is fun and all, but no changes will likely happen to fluther again as it’s been left to stagnate.

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@hug_of_war It sure isn’t stagnating today. This has been a fun-filled adventurous ride here today.

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