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What are some things you used to think were true when you were a child?

Asked by chad (694points) March 26th, 2008

Santa is real,
Being 20 was old,
If I had $100 then I was rich.

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I use to think that Care Bears were real. I was kinda upset when I found out they weren’t up there protecting us.

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Santa, tooth fairy, Easter bunny, batman, ninjas that used swords and smoke bombs and wore those pajamas, dragons and my dad being the strongest and smartest man in the entire universe. He would probably argue that he is, to this day…

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I was always to trusting, like to see the good in everyone, but give the Barstards half a chance and they knock ya.

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my grandfather told me that cantelope came from antelope. He totally had me convinced. I mean it rhymes, it must be true.

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@ axlefoley- yeah yeah! I hear ya bro. I wouldnt say all the time though. I’ve met some good ones out there, and many here.

For the most part though I agree. People seem to do whatever it takes to get just a baby step ahead, even if it means running someone over.

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All I want to do is have a laugh, people take it to serious. Or should I say take their self to serious! If you put on the news people are being shot,stabbed,killed. Newspaper’s are full of it. The country is at WAR. Know one dies in Axle-Land!

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I was told that money doesn’t grow on trees. My parents hid the money tree from us too so they could have it all.

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That red cars really went faster than other cars

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@figbash….are you saying that is not true?

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That the religion of my youth would get me to Heaven if I only believed and that non-believers would all go to Hell.

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That cops were cool

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They are, and where would we be without them?

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that the moon was following me and that we came from monkeys

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My mom and dad really do love each other and are happy together

I want to be a fireman

The tooth fairy paid me money for my teeth.

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When you grow up, you can be anything you want to be!

One of my friends just answered: used to think Christopher Columbus was a smart, important figure and all around great guy.

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This probably sounds really stupid, but when I was little my elementary school had huge heating ducts in the cafeteria. I used to think they were tubes you could crawl in and they were only for the big kids. I was so mad when I found out they weren’t, I had been waiting a long time to go through them.

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That everything would be okay. That I would always have playdates after school and homework was cool to have because it meant I was a big kid. That I could be an astronaut simply because I wanted to be one. That 5$ meant I could buy the world. That staying up until 8:30 PM was being a badass. That my family was normal.

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I believed my parents could hear my thoughts.

Also, I had a nagging feeling that there was a big secret that everyone else knew except me. If figured that either everyone was told the secret when they reached a certain age or that everyone eventually figured it out.

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That my parents were infallible; and

That I too was infallible

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Dereck, your right, the secret is your paranoid! Only joking.

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That the real world is tough.

That it’s difficult to be wealthy.

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One night my sisters were trying to be funny and told me that Ovaltine was made from poop. I had Ovaltine before bed every single night up until then, and I stopped cold turkey. I thought it was true for the longest time. Still have a hard time with the stuff.

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For a time I was completely convinced that my parents were just waiting for the right moment to kill me. After a while I realized that they wouldn’t really do that to me because there had been so many perfect opportunities that they never took advantage of.

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Oh, and I believed in the Government. That is, I believed government was good.

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@sferik: We’ve all been planning to tell you the secret…next year.

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I did not comprehend the whole digestive system thing. I thought at some point in your life you would fill up with food. That your body eventually would reach a point where it couldn’t hold anymore.

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@purephase—Didn’t you wonder what was coming out of you?

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My mom would tell us that babies were made at factories and you could tell their race from the color of smoke coming out of the stacks. She also said the storks would then deliver the baby to the parents at night. I plan to tell my daughter the same story until I have to tell her the truth.

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My grandmother once said to my mom while I was standing there “every time I breathe in, I get fatter!” From that point until I was about 10ish, I thought that every time I would breathe in I would get fatter.

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I don’t think at the time I understood what it was. I was only 4 or 5, but I remember sitting and thinking about it. I think I was more concerned with how long it would take to get the food to pile up then what “poop” was. :)

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I thought a certain person in by life was perfect. I also thought that if you drank water after eating bread it would expand inside your stomach.

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I really believed that the anchors on tv were talking to me and would sit very still so they wont get mad, and one day I screamed at one and nothing happened LOL

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I believed I could really fly if I flapped my arms fast enough, and I convinced myself that there were alligators in the deep end of my nana’s pool, so I would never swim in it alone.

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In a shallow and lame attempt to invigorate new life into this question, ;) I was just told that one of my friends child-beliefs, was that clouds were solid.

These are all so amusing guys, thanks for helping out and contributing!

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i thought that there was a certain unwritten time that everyone just stayed in their houses, simply because it was late. i’ve always been a night owl and was nearly always up half the night, but i thought everyone just stayed in whether they were sleeping or not. the first time i was out really late and saw how many cars were out and about, i was kind of startled.
also i used to think that if i made like any contact with someone, especially my mom, that she could like hear my thoughts or something. hahaha.
and i used to believe in god. but i used to believe in him as much as i believed in santa.

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I never really went for the tooth fairy and santa, it always sounded like Adult sarcasm to me.

I’d say, I believed people to be inherently good, and i thought life was simple.(but i never thought it was easy)

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