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Is there a good replacement for Microsoft Office Picture manager for XP?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34718points) June 10th, 2014

I have a couple of laptops still running XP. One has Office which includes Picture Manager that allows me to crop, resize, and adjust pictures. It is very handy. Another laptop has Apache Open Office 4.0.1 that lets me do almost everything I need – except edit pictures. (I have other laptops running Windows 7 and 8.1 but I want to extend the life of these Dells running XP)
Is there software with the capability of Picture manager that I can download and run on my old XP machine with Open Office?
Does Apache have an extension that acts like Picture Manager?

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I’d have to play with Picture Manager to know, because until now I had never even heard of it. For over a dozen years now my photo viewer of choice (including minor editing and annotating) has been IrfanView. You can download it – it’s free – at (It also includes the capability to scan and provide thumbnails of every photo on your system, for much quicker retrieval than via folder-by-folder viewing and listing.)

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I use Irfanview for cropping, re-sizing, changing file formats, and color depths. It has great batch processing features if you have lots of images to fix.

For more extensive editing I use Photoshop Elements or Paint.NET

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Or there is the free open source FASTSTONE viewer, that lets you do all sorts of things with images

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I just downloaded IrFanview and it works great! I will look at the others but so far this one does the trick.


I love this place! :-)

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I always preferred XnView over IrfanView, but that’s really a preference as both are functionally equivalent. I just like the UI better.

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I might prefer the XnView interface, too, if I were just coming to both programs today for the first time. However, even with a less-groovy interface, IrfanView’s “thumbnails” add-on is so valuable to me that IrfanView would have to have a very awful interface indeed for me to prefer another viewer.

With “thumbnails” I can easily print contact sheets of every photo in a folder or on the whole drive if I want to. That’s very cool.

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@CWOTUS The “Browser” view on XnView is slick enough for me. Don’t think it defaults to that though :/

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I have an old HP laptop at home. I was not able to upgrade it to Win7, but was able to upgrade to Win8.1 I installed MS Office on it. When I right click a JPG, I get the option to Open With: MS Office 2010. The icon is the same as Picture Manager, and so are the functions.

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