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Gentler way to state failure.

Asked by mowens (8350points) June 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Long story short, a project at work is taking major political heat for failing when we try to do something to computers. If those devices are not connected to the network, they will show up as failures on our reports. I am looking for a single word or short phrase that shows we didn’t fail, the machine was simply unreachable. Unreachable or disconnected are both terms that seem too vague. I also don’t want to be too verbose, since it will be a column in a spreadsheet.

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Disconnect? Network disconnect.? Network down? Connection error, connect timed out, unavailable,

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Device anomaly?

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404 Not Found

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Maybe you could toss a asterisk after something like Unresponsive Remote Machine and explain in the footer what is going on in detail so it doesn’t clutter up the spreadsheet.

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What we had here was a failure to communicate.

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Gone fishin’.

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Or…..make it a more powerful kind of fail.. EPIC FAIL! Or FATAL ERROR!

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Edison was talking to a reporter after he’d finally solved the incandescent lamp filament problem. The reporter wanted to know how it felt to fail a thousand times. Edison said that he couldn’t really see it that way. He said that he saw it as finding a thousand methods that hadn’t worked for the lamp, but many of the test results could be useful in other areas. Every experience has value.

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Incomplete connection.

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Isn’t it more useful to change the formatting of the REPORT? After all, that’s where the “failures” originate.

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