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Is it better to steal from a rich person or a poor person?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22756points) June 11th, 2014

This was prompted by a newspaper headline in tomorrow’s newspaper: Feds: NYC strippers drugged, stole from rich men

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My question: is it preferable to steal from the rich or the poor?

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The difference is that stealing from poor people isn’t newsworthy.


Take the last couple of weeks in my area: Big apartment fire puts 12 families out of house and home. Page whatever blurb. Some idiot living in Avila – the local rich-bitch gated community with a servant’s entrance – burns down his own kitchen with a BBQ grill, front fucking page news.

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Robin Hood would say the rich, I would prefer to steal from neither poor nor rich.

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It is far more preferable to rob the rich as opposed to the poor (what gain have you in robbing someone with nothing?).
It is even more preferable to steal from corporation(s), especially those which are the cause of all the pain and poverty in the world.

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Neither of them.

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Really? Earn your own keep. Stealing is not a moral act regardless.

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Ideally neither, but, morally, better to take from someone who won’t be devastaed by moderate loss.
Reminds me a story I heard a few years ago here, where a man in a local, very affluent community nearby hired a naked maid while his wife was out of town and then, had to confess when the wifes jewelry went missing.
Busted! lol

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Either is illegal.

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I wouldn’t steal from either but if I had no choice, I could live more easily with stealing from someone who has plenty.

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This is another one of those questions involving semantics. There are endless examples of the poor being robbed “legally” Everything from Walmart billionaires pocketing what should be the wages of employees to payday loan check cashing outfits. Stealing is wrong, but there are great fortunes to be made in stealing from the poor. The rich of course will insist that taxes (on the rich) are a form of theft.

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False alternative

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It’s better to steal from a poor person and the poorer the better. You will then realise that he has absolutely nothing worthy taking and that you are actually quite well off in comparison.

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Pointless question as a poor person would hardly be able to hire a stripper and also have extra cash for the stripper to steal.

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Neither. Read this.

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Preferable for the victim, or the thief?

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Is it preferable to go to jail or get executed? I have no tolerance for such conniving people

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This whole scandal pissed me off. Obviously, it’s effed up to take something from another person to their detriment. But I think the real reason this got so much media attention is that it was men who were victimized sexually and financially by women, rather than vice versa or by each other. Yeah, it’s a higher magnitude than many things, but I think folks should look at what’s really making them upset about this story. It’s not the amount of money stolen, its the subversion of a patriarchal system that has historically benefitted men and disadvantaged women, and people are uncomfortable with that being turned on its head.

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