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Would you vote for Buddy Cianci?

Asked by mike_perrault (19points) July 5th, 2008

If Buddy Cianci was allowed to run again for the Mayor of Providence, would you vote for him?

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You’re not going to get too many accurate responses for this. I don’t think anyone else lives in Providence.

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Interesting question – I know what you’re getting at. My son went to school in Providence so I know that Buddy was a crook and an egotist who spent time in jail but he also did wonderful things for the city. That’s a tough one. I think I would vote for him only if I felt there were no other good candidates running. On the other hand, I’ve often said that since New Jersey has so much corruption already, maybe Buddy should come here and show us how to have corruption and progress too!

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Cianci could easily be considered
one of the most corrupt public officials that ever held office in America. Providence will always be known as the Organized Crime Hub of New England. If there is ever a book written about his time in office( there might already be) I am sure it would make a good read. The man is also as nutty as a fruitcake.

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If I still lived in Providence, I’d vote for him. I mean, why not? He gets things done.

Like beating the crap out of people in the woods, right?

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