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How do I stop my Dr Martens from cracking?

Asked by rory (1392points) June 13th, 2014

I’ve had my beloved docs for about two years now. I bought them at the Salvation Army. They were fairly new at the time, and the leather was stiff and super shiny, but I’ve since broken them in and they have become very scuffed. I’m fine with the scuffs, but I’ve started to notice right across the middle of the boot, past the toes, the leather is starting to show signs of cracking.

I don’t have any leather conditioner, nor do I have money to purchase any. Are there any DIY remedies for this?

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I’ve heard about trying vasoline, but this is second-hand information.

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Olive oil works well for this.

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If you can come up with a few dollars, a conditioner is a lot cheaper than buying new boots.

I have read that wax is better than oil. I us Sno Seal with beeswax on my 12 year old boots that have many, many miles on them. I had the soles replaced this year, and the leather is in great shape.

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Mayonaise. Cooking oil. Olive oil. These will revitalize your leather in a pinch.

But you should invest in a tin of saddle soap to protect all your leathers. It’s cheap. Proper weekly applications clean, moisturize, and protect from the effects of weather.

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