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If you could change an aspect of your personality, what would you change and why?

Asked by jca (35967points) June 15th, 2014

If you could change an aspect of yourself, not something physical but an aspect of your personality and/or behavior, what would you change and why?

Include possibilities such as IQ, mental health, neuroses, emotions or lack of, too ambitious, not ambitious enough, ability to advocate for yourself, too selfish, too selfless, narcissistic, wish you were more studious, tend to procrastinate, wish you were better with money, whatever. The possibilities are endless.

What would you change? Why?

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I could be more patient and “zen-like”. I have been actively working to achieve this for a couple years now. Getting better.

I could also stand to enjoy life more and be less goal-oriented. Not sure this will ever change. I’m kind of hard-wired this way.

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I wish I felt more confident to follow what I want to do. Or, even more sure of what I want. I try now when I am sure what I want when I have to make a decision to insist on it, because it isn’t often I feel sure. I recently didn’t insist and now am paying the price of not following my own mind and listening to everyone else around me. It isn’t something very important, it was a decision about something in the house we are building, but I will live with it as long as we are in the house and see it every day. When will I learn?

To not live in regret. Sometimes I have trouble letting go of past mistakes, and that doesn’t work very well.

To not feel compelled to talk about thinks I am worrying about. I guess this tends to be a female trait, needing to talk talk talk until one feels better.

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I would lower my IQ. It is so impossibly high now that I know much without even reading other people’s opinions on the subject.
I would try to conform more to other people’s expectations. It is not easy being a front runner.

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If I could change my personality, I would:
1. like myself more.
2. have more self-confidence.
3. be more social.
4. learn how to “conform” to societal expectations.
5. not let myself dwell on the past too much.
6. be able to idly chat.
7. not think bad things of others.
8. not let me believe things that aren’t true about myself.

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I would like to:
1. Have more social skills.
2. Be less nosy.
3. Be more thick-skinned.
4. Lower my expectation.
5. Be less impulsive.
6. Stop overreacting.

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Self discipline.

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The anxiety.

Does that count?

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Not a single thing.

I’d wish to be free of my anxiety and depression but this would ony serve to have my true personality more readily available.

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Yep, self discipline here too. I have two modes and two modes only, rockin’ through the universe or completely lazy. haha
While I am great at last minute stuff and always rise to the occasion if left alone I can procrastinate easily. I am also a hedonist at heart and struggle with my diet and exercise needs. Again, either in amazing shape exercising daily and eating healthy or needing to drop some poundage and snacking at midnight.

I am a creature of extremes, never seem to be able to keep the balance for more than a few weeks at a time.

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I feel like I have needed the company and validation of other people too much and that has led me to some bad choices. I am learning to rely more on my own flippered, feathered self but it is taking time.

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I wish I was less shy and more outgoing. Sometimes I try, just doesn’t work. Fuck it lol.

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I often have a lot of good ideas but I don’t follow through with most because I am LAZY AS FUCK. I’m workin on it but I’m still quite bad.

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I’m with @syz – Self-discipline is something I’ve never really had. I was going to say to not procrastinate as much, but self-discipline covers that and oh-so-much more that I struggle with.

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Like my friend @El_Cadejo My butt and recliner are as one.

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I wouldn’t be so afraid to talk to women lol.

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Maybe being less micro-managing would be good. Then again, my need to put things right gives me a lot of energy…and I can use that energy to make the world a tiny bit better. So, I’m not sure. I always feel like changing one thing would cause too many other changes…

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I wouldn’t be so much of a worrier.

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No more dermatillomania or trichotillomania.

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I’d like to procrastinate much less and be more patient.

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Not too much, because I’m comfortable with who I am and what I stand for. My only flaws as I see them are that I procrastinate too much, and it takes a great deal to earn my trust. Who says pessimistic introverts can’t be confident now?

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I def procrastinate too much and waste a lot of time….

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It’s been some time since I’ve visited this question.. My Butt and the recliner are still as one.

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