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Do you think that asking a person out will trigger some feelings in them even if they did not have, to begin with?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) June 15th, 2014

If yes, why is it like that?
If no, please, say why?

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It might, but it’s along shot, and I wouldn’t depend on it is a strategy to start a relationship. There are better ways.

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Thanks for responding. But why does it happen? I am interested in knowing the reason.

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Sometimes and to a small degree. Everyone likes to be liked. Expressing this (by asking them out) could get them to suddenly see you in a more favorable light. A foot in the door, as it were. The shine will wear off that apple right quick though if they decide you’re not all that during the date. But it’s a shot.

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Yes, could be.

It might invite focus on your person.

It may make someone notice you. It may make someone notice your attractiveness.

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@cookieman got close to my thoughts. When a woman expresses interest in me, if I find her at all attractive it will make me feel appreciated and special, and I am interested in receiving that kind of niceness regularly. So I will respond positively.

It does have to be followed through for anything to continue, but it at least gets the two of you talking.

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I’m dissenting a bit from the crowd. It’s my experience that if someone does not regard you in a romantic light, asking them out could turn them off from being a friend. That is a risk you have to be prepared to take.

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Yeah but not the feelings you’d want them to feel. If I don’t like a guy in that way, if he asks me out I get mad.

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I’m with @janbb It’s better to feel people out, get to know them for awhile, and learn to read the signs of romantic interest before asking someone out.

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Yes that’s very true. The only legit reason is the fact that people like it when they get attention from someone. And so the whole idea comes to life.
It happens quite often with people. They amuse the feeling of being attractive to someone and therefore they give it a shot.

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Yes it’ll trigger feelings, but they could be either good feelings or bad feelings. If they’re mildly interested in you it might make them look at you with a little more interest. If they’re disinterested it might creep them out. Go with @Kardamom‘s suggestion to get a read on their level of interest first.

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You won’t know until it’s done

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