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How many times a day do you talk ( with yourself or another ) ?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) June 15th, 2014

I mean, then, how do you rate yourself as a talker…??
Mild, moderate, excessive…..what??

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I think I may be moderate, my work requires a lot of communication with clients

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I am moderate. I don’t talk too much but I do communicate. I am not reclusive, and I do check in with people. I speak to people in passing in the store or in public, but I don;t monopolize their time.

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I live with my fiancé, my son, and two cats. I talk sporadically throughout the day, outside of work. Both my fiancé and I are introverts, so much of our time is spent in silence.

I talk a lot at work, since, as a health care provider, I have to ask questions, give instructions, review results, and educate patients about their treatment options. Since the majority of the people are having trouble hearing, I have to speak slowly and project my voice quite a bit. It helps that I grew up singing, but there are days that I come home a bit hoarse.

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I’m lucky if I have one conversation per day.

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I try not to talk if I can get away with it. I’ll only talk to someone if I deem them worthy, or if it is work related.

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I talk a fair amount at work, usually to one other friend, talk to my daughter every few days, but..I go forth and talk to strangers all the time, every day. I’m a chatty, humorous type, zero social anxiety, I enjoy messing with people when I am out and about. Then I equally enjoy being silent at home.

I talk to myself too, usually sardonic commentaries on whatever it is I am doing in the moment. Just now, sitting on my deck with my laptop having a beer and fluthering and remarked that I better go plug in soon, down to 28 minutes battery power now after 2 hours of enjoying myslef with a few beers out here. haha

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Excessively with myself! I talk more to myself than anybody else, just whole conversations in my head. And I talk out loud when nobody’s around and in my head when they are. I just really like to, it’s a habit. But when I talk to other people it’s just mild, especially if I don’t know somebody that well but if I really know them than it’s moderate.

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Excessive to myself and to people who are willing to listen, and below mild to others.

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At work it is normal for there to be pandemonium all around me and so I’m constantly talking to myself out loud. It helps me concentrate on what I’m doing. There is absolutely no tolerance for any mistakes and it works well for me. Other people sometimes give me a hard time about it but that is their problem not mine.

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I might consider myself a moderate one, but that truely depends on the situation I am in.
It’s a really difficult question. I can’t decide.

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I am hands down my favorite person to talk to because I always agree with myself, I’m like the perfect sister, always there, but never stealing or borrowing my shit.

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