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What are some names of particularly 'thorny' bushes please... for a book I am completing The Tallest Dwarf?

Asked by SebastianWhite (30points) June 16th, 2014

As above…?

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Is a “thorny’ bush different from a bush with thorns?

Argentine Mesquite (2-inch thorns),
Black Locust (1 to 2-inch thorns that cause skin swelling),
Honey Locust (sharp red thorns).
Wild roses
Wild blackberries and raspberries

(What’s a hot country?)

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I live in a similar climate as @gailcaled. I find wild roses to be particularly nettlesome.
They tear up clothes and skin.

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Thanks, but I was thinking on the lines of a hawthorn bush or bramble bush…?

Sommat simple but effective!

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A bramble bush is simply a generic prickly bush. Howeer, brambles often do imply wild blackberries or raspberries.. If you are happy with a hawthorn, why bother asking us for suggestions?

“Depending on the variety of hawthorn, the thorns on the trees’ branches, twigs and even trunks can be straight or curved. Some thorns can measure up to four inches long. Not only can the thorns cause puncture wounds, there have been cases in which they have have been responsible for bacterial infections and allergic reactions.” Source

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Russian olive is a sprawling, invasive bush that has some wicked mean thorns.

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I think you are thinking of Briar Bushes.

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I live in Florida, which is sub-tropical.

Bougainvillea are simply the most evil plant in the entire world.

They’re pretty, and ornamental, with nice red or purple flowers. But they grow like weeds, so you have to cut them back from time to time. They have 1–2” long thorns that will poke you like mad, and then the scratch will itch like a motherfucker for hours.

After two years of fighting with the dang thing, I finally chopped the plant all the way to the ground, cut it into tiny pieces, and burned it – cackling maniacally and howling at the moon as it died its slow, painful death.

Gods, I hate bougainvillea.

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Bougainvillea are simply the most evil plant in the entire world.

No truer words have ever been spoken. And the Hibiscus hurts like hell too.

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Buckthorn. Very invasive and persistent bastard.

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I’m thinking of a tree we called thorn apples. They had about 11/2 to 2 inch thorns on them, and a lot of them. Do you need the latin name?

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Stinging nettles.

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Devil’s Club is a really nasty one!

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Also, in Hawaii, out at the remote beach of Polihale, beware of the thorny Kiawe.
Easily as bad as or worse than the Bougainvillea.

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There is also the infamous Briar Patch from the children’s story Brer Rabbit.

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Wild plum, alias blackthorn,

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“locust – ”...a thorny-branched, white flowered American fabaceous tree, ‘Robinia pseudacacia,’ or it’s durable wood; ...”” -from The New Century Dictionary, 1944 edition

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I have barberry bushes – they are wicked. Even my little granddaughter says, don’t go near the barberry bush – it bites.

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These are also ‘wicked’ answers, will have a consider…

Thanks Sebastian White

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I just got badly snarled, while trying to prune some dead wood, in a mature (15’ tall) rugosa rose bush. They seem, aptly, “particularly ‘thorny’ ”.

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