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I think I thought of a question, finally. Where are the places you do or do not hit on a person?

Asked by Blackberry (31011points) June 20th, 2014

Like….ask them out, not kill them.

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Since it tends to be rather noisy in bars and clubs, if there’s a woman I’m interested in I’ll keep track of her visually, wait until she leaves, follow behind her and approach her when she’s a distance away from the club to ask her out. One downside to this method is that she often gets a good bit ahead of me, so I have to run to catch up to her.

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His/Her greed. Rule of Aquisition #98: Every man has his price.

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My father in law made a pass at my mother in law (they’ve been divorced over 30 years and he remarried like, immediately) at a mutual friend’s funeral.

Definitely got the “Oh, that’s classy…” eyeroll from me.

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At the mikva.

@Darth_Algar If you’re serious, I wonder how successful your strategy is. If some guy were following me leaving a club, I would run like hell.

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Not the doctor’s office.
Not at a restaurant when they are dining with family.
Not in church.
Yes to a concert.
Yes to a bar or nightclub.
Yes to a coffee shop.

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Can’t say I’ve ever had anyone run. I do seem to get pepper sprayed a lot though, so that gave me the idea to start bringing tacos with me. I figure by providing dinner that’ll increase my chances.

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Not at his/her wedding.

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I had a guy hit on me at his best friend’s funeral. He walked up to me and I said I was sorry for his loss and he say’s yeah, are you dating anyone? Very disturbing.

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It is what his best friend would have wanted.

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Ha! Great answers.

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@chyna He just wanted a naked shoulder to cry on.

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Not in front of her husband.

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Not in a funeral. Unless the priest is really really hot.
Not during a fire. Unless you save the person’s life. Or the fireman’s really really hot.
Not during a bank robbery. Unless you took a bullet for the really really hot bank teller.

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At the Gynecologists office.
After running over your cat.
Not the UPS guy who was delivering a beanbag loveseat to me and wanted to know if I needed help setting it up. lol

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Do not hit on their face. It leaves marks.

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In a will probate reading.

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Not at the doctors office for sure. They’re probing my head with sharp instruments, want to piss them off?

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In a cancer ward. Or a dentist office who specializes in braces.

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Funeral homes are inappropriate.

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Well just were are good places to hit on someone?... every where is eliminated, except dating sites and they have many rules.

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Depends on your methods. What will work in a fetish bar won’t necessarily work at the after-church trip to the buffet.

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I actually got lucky at a funeral. And I wasn’t the one who initiated it. A friend from our social circle was killed in a car accident over the summer; at the funeral Caroline came up to hug me and hung on me all afternoon at the wake and into the evening. And so when it was tim ego go to bed, she had nowhere to go except with me.

@Seek You’d be surprised at church buffets. (Especially with the Catholic girls I grew up with in high school). Sometimes they just want to explore their God-given sexuality. It’s not a sin…

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I avoid waitresses and bartenders or pretty much anyone that I am paying to provide customer support. Those jobs suck enough without dealing with creepy guys.

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I’ve never hit on a woman in my life, they just come to me like bees round a honeypot.
While that may sound arrogant, I can only be honest & answer truthfully.
A lot of girlfriends I met & chatted with in random situations, waiting in line at the bank or while shopping, eating lunch at a cafe, that kind of thing.
Not once have I gone out to a club with the sole intention of picking up a girl, not my style & as it turned out, entirely unnecessary.

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^^ It was your voice that was like honey, sir.

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Aye, can arnly help oot like pet :)

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Any place where they can’t leave. If it’s not mutual, it gets creepy.

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