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Why do I have to keep my legs moving after working out?

Asked by Pandora (31676points) June 21st, 2014

This is something that has always happened since I was a kid. I always thought it was simply nervous energy. I had to move my legs to rock my bed till I fell asleep. When I would sit for a while, my legs would start to bounce. I just didn’t like sitting still. It has been years and after my workouts now, I am back to where I started. As I’m sitting here typing this, my legs are bouncing. I have been that way for two days. Funny thing is my legs can be tired and yet it feels nice to keep them going. Luckily it doesn’t happen in bed before I sleep.

By the way, it is not the medical restless leg syndrome. It’s just that I can be sitting not thinking at all, and without any thought my legs start to bounce or my foot start to rock back and forth. I can make it stop but when my mind drifts on to something else, it starts back up again.

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Why are you saying it’s not restless leg syndrome? That’s what it sounds like.

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Restless leg syndrome has to do with involuntary movement, dealing with nerves. Also hits people when sleeping. This isn’t like that. This is more like my energy feels high and I get restless. It is not necessarily involuntary movement. More like I keep doing it because I need to release the energy. I just don’t always notice that I started doing it.

I know it can come from adrenaline, I guess what I really wonder is how it can last me a whole day. I either get very hyped and keep doing all kind of crazy manual labor (and usually will physically over do) or I discharge the energy though my legs.

I just realize there are people who are super pumped after a work out and some who are tired. I enjoy being super pumped but it tends to annoy people or I end up hurting my back or something. Kind of why I am letting the leg happen. Just don’t want it to become a nervous habit.

I guess I should’ve asked how do I come down from a work out high without having to overwork myself. Best way to describe it, is that if feels like I had 10 cups of coffee after I work out only it doesn’t affect my sleep. It just makes it hard for me to sit still for too long.

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Do you do a cool down? Maybe some slow walking would help your body relax after a work-out.

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Did anyone else read this as Why do I have to remove my legs after working?

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Ha ha, you made me look.

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Some people just have more energy and have a hard time sitting still. Maybe you are one of those people? A friend of mine, her mother could not sit still. Sitting down she still was always moving some part of her body, we used to say she always was at least twitching. She also tended to be a little OCD about cleaning and smeother things. I guess she had the energy to keep up with her compulsive needs.

Does it feel like you need to stretch the muscles, or you just simply don’t sit still? If you feel the need to stretch and have discomfort in your legs and you are moving to alleviate the discomfort than I think that might be a medical issue. I need to stretch much much more when I am vitamin D dificient, but I never am ansy in the way you describe I don’t think.

Maybe it could also be a nervous habit? Your way of manifesting whatever it is you are trying to avoid thinking about. Or, your idea about adrenaline sounds plausable also.

I’m not any sort of doctor, just throwing ideas out there.

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