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What's the weather like at your house today?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) July 1st, 2014 from iPhone

Is it hot there like it is here?

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It was warm and mostly sunny today.

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It was pushing 90 degrees F, 32C. Right now we’re in the path of a severe thunderstorm. Hope it goes North of us but it’s going to be close.

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Very hot and sunny.

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@Adirondackwannabe Why do you hope it goes North? I love a good thunderstorm.

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@GloPro I love a good thunderstorm too. This one is shaking the entire house. The lightning is huge. If I disappear that’s why.

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Hot and humid, it’s like I’m inside a giant vagina. We have warnings for the current heat, especially for small kids and the elderly, a warning for severe thunderstorms, and the possibility of a tornado. Sure hope we don’t get that last one…

It’s pretty bad, the humidity especially. I hate this shit. I want me some Winter. It sucks ass out here.

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93º. Sunny and no humidity. We live through 10 months of rain for days like today.

And I am sitting inside watching Big Brother UK. My tombstone should read, “seriously wasted his life”

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Absolutely horrible. It was 90F this afternoon, with 79% humidity. Truly disgusting. I am counting the days until autumn because this weather sucks.

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91 degrees, 192% humidity.

That video cracks me up.

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I’m with @tedibear… Autumn cannot come fast enough.

93°F with 70+% humidity today. Gaahh.

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It’s hot, but it’s a miserable sticky heat.

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So am I the only one wearing a wet t-shirt to deal with the heat?

Berserker's avatar

I have air conditioning up in this bitch.

Also I’m glad to say the tornado warning was dropped about 10 minutes ago.

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Hot. Typical Florida summer day. It was high 80’s, maybe 90. Sunny, and then a small thunder shower around 6:00pm. It’s still overcast now at 8:15 and 82 degrees.

Last I looked, not really looked but I heard about it when I turned on the TV a day ago, there was some sort of tropical thing stirring in the Atlantic not too far away. I guess maybe I actually get some weather information for the July 4th weekend.

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95°F here at 3000 feet. Down the hill it’s 107°F or so.

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I don’t have cable anymore so I can only guess how hot it is… it is Ouchy hot and mostly sunny.

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@filmfann: Don’t go down the hill. Don’t go down the hill.

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It was upper 80’s and very humid yesterday, then we had bad storms last night and it knocked the temp down today. I’ve been watching the forecasted high for tomorrow get lower and lower as the day goes on. Right now they are calling for a high of 64°F and a low of 51°F.

This is not typical July weather for Illinois. I’m really glad I sent an extra sweatshirt with my daughter when she left for camp on Sunday.

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It’s beautiful.

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Don’t remember, but it was manageable
I just stuck ice cubes in my underwear and listened to Emperor all day lel

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Beautiful and sunny. I lobe it!

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It’s hot as hell!

Seriously. Nobody here can live without at least a fan now, and everyone is reluctant to leave their house for fear of being roasted.

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31c My poor truck wanted to melt pulling 63.5 metric tonns up some of the hills today.

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I’m in Illinois, too, and it was a high today of about 84 partly cloudy. Tomorrow is forecast a high of 73. Ideal. Eat your hearts out. (As I’ll probably be eating mine out 3 days hence.)

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It was about 88 today and humid, but I didn’t leave my nice air conditioned office until the end of the work day. In the evening it was warm but pleasant. I still don’t have the air conditioner unit in the bedroom window, and I’m still ok sleeping with just ceiling fan. I tend not to be that hot anyway.

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Can you go swimming anywhere near you?

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@Brian1946 Yeah, but only in the afternoon, when it cools down a bit.

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It’s not hot. It’s winter. So it’s a nice day but not hot.

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Boiling hot from mid-morning until late this afternoon when it became overcast. Now, at least outside, it’s pleasantly cool. Inside we still need to use the ceiling fans. Because of my hot flashes, it generally seems about 10 degrees hotter than it really is. Oy vey!

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Winter. Maybe got up to 15c. At least it’s sunny.

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@GloPro Oh sure, 5 minutes after I posted that the lights go out, until 5:30 this morning. Bend over, I’ll show you a nice place for a storm. :)

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Revised forecast in the Midwest? Clear and a high today of 67. Glorious.

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Really hot for the past two days, and gonna be hot for the next two days with possible storms.

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Mid 80’s right now and gorgeous.

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Much better than last night, when I thought the world was coming to a swift and violent end! One whopper of a thunderstorm! This morning, sunny and pleasant! but too wet to cut the grass.

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It’s just before 10a.m. and it’s 62F with clouds and a nice breeze. It’s feeling like October here in Illinois. I’m loving it. This is great mowing weather.

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Yup, @jonsblond, I’m going to mow our 2–3 acres later today. Sadly, I looked at a new $2,000 riding mower yesterday, but didn’t bring it home. 48” deck, rated best by by Consumer Reports. (sight)

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94…..too hot

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Chilly! I can’t believe it! We are struggling to maybe reach 70 today!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s clear and bright and cool.

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Windy and clear and hot.

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Disgusting again. 85F and 81% humidity. Gah!

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Delightful here, after a horrid heat wave last weekend through this past Monday/Tues.
Hit about 105–108 Monday, a living hell!
Now we are back to the 80’s and a luscious breeze too. Enjoying it while it lasts because it will be ramping up to 100 again in the next week or so. Gah! I so freaking hate the heat!

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It’s about 14 degrees Celsius. So a cool, clear, beautiful day.

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80’s sunny. I spent about 8 hours out in the sun today, and I’m now a redneck to end all rednecks. I expect to loose weight as the skin peels, it’s that bad. This too shall pass. :)

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