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Is there a quick cure for a burned mouth?

Asked by majorrich (14634points) July 2nd, 2014

Summer officially arrived yesterday when I spotted Sweet Corn at a roadside vegetable stand. I bought some and came home with my prize. Unable to wait, I popped one into the microwave and husked it and took my first bite.. And burned the living begeebers out of the roof of my mouth. Ouch it smarted! I still ate the corn, but the experience was greatly diminished. Does anyone have a quick fix to speed the healing of at least the skin behind my front teeth?

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I am pretty sure you are going to have to live with it for a while, but I do know that swishing strong cool black tea in your mouth helps blistering. You can try that, but I don’t think you will heal that much faster.

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I would try swishing strong cool salt water. If I have a sore on my gums, I sprinkle salt directly on it. While it smarts, the sore is usually gone the next day.

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Yes, as soon as it happened take a drink of cold water (or cold any beverage if water not available) hold it in your mouth a few seconds, swallow, repeat three times. You have to stop the burn at the moment. You can basically reverse it. This is true if you burn your hand or any part of your body. Immediately in very cold water. It works incredibly well.

If more than half a minute has already passed you pretty much just have to wait it out. Mouths heal very fast so hopefully you will be all better in two days. Don’t eat anything hot for a good 48 hours.

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It’s a good excuse to have yogurt for breakfast, sherbet for lunch and Ice cream for dinner.

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Sorry, you are going to have to tough it out a few days. You could try sucking on an ice cube to lessen the pain.

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Right afterwards it would have been good to pop a piece of ice in your mouth. Now, you’ve just got to wait it out.

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@MollyMcGuire “They” say cold water is better, because frozen things, like ice, can actually damage tissue as well. Although, if nothing else was around I would pop the ice in my mouth too.

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Have you tried Orajel™? It’s been a long time since I tried it, but I think it has worked in the past. You may need to re-apply it a few times during the day, and for a few days.

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Swish a small amount of Apple cider vinegar a few times a day.

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Cool iced tea helped me.

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“Put an ice cube in your mouth immediately to lessen the pain and minimize the swelling and additional irritation that may occur.

Gargle with cold water or eat a frozen ice pop. This will provide temporary relief from minor pain caused by the burn.

Avoid foods that are “sharp” in taste and texture. Spicy foods can increase pain, and sharp foods, such as chips or nut brittle, can aggravate a lesion.

Treat the burn or lesion with an over-the-counter pectin ointment or topical mouth analgesic containing benzocaine. Apply the medication directly to the burn to protect as well as heal.”

Things should calm down in a few days. If they don’t, you should check in with your doctor. (This is rarely necessary.People do this all the time with pizza and coffee.). You are probably already feeling better, or at least, I hope so.

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@ibstubro I’ve heard conflicting information on the ice thing at the time of the burn. I’m not sure if your link was talking about after the fact. I avoid living with the burn by holding something cold in my mouth right as it occurs as I described above. Probably a typical ice cube or Popsicle in our freezer is not cold enough to hurt the tissue. Definitely an ice cube in a drink would not be sticky frozen as sometimes ice an be.

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I’m fairly sure he was not talking about before the fact, @JLeslie. ~

I’ve heard conflicting information about ice and burns, too, but I believe it might have been more related to external burns that don’t have the warmth and moisture of a mouth. Since there was doubt and I’d given you a GA on the caution, I took the trouble to find an additional professional affirmation of “suck on a piece of ice”.

I looked at several sites and found no caution about sucking on a piece of ice for a burn in the mouth.

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I ate some more corn yesterday and still painful, but not as bad. It appears this one is much more powerful than I realized and only needs about a minute to heat an ear through. Minute and a half is way too long and I must wait for it to cool before eating. The skin is still quite tender. I drink a lot of ice water and am sure to swish it across the injury. Biotine seems to be helping too.

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I always run cold water over my corn after heating, @majorrich. I run cold water over it, then grasp it firmly in my hand for a few seconds. If it heats my hand up quickly, then I apply more cold water. Do that until the cob just slowly warms your hand, and you can have your corn and eat it too. The cob retains enough heat to melt the better and keep the corn warm.

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@ibstubro That makes sense. Good point.

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I wish pizza was as easy, @JLeslie, lol. All melty cheeses.

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Melted cheese fresh out of the Warp Plasma oven. Clinging to the roof of your mouth like napalm. Frantic reverse blowing and grabbing of beer in a vain attempt to avoid the inevitable

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LOL, literally, @majorrich. Oh, how many times I’ve been there! Napalm it is.

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I’ve done the pizza thing too, but ice cold water always fixes it well enough that I don’t feel burned. Minor discomfort maybe when it’s really bad. You can just drink you have to hold the liquid in your mouth so it actually hits the roof well. Hold for three second, swallow, repeat.

My trick for pizza when I am impatient is lift up the cheese on my first slice and let all steam come out from below the cheese layer. Cools off in a minute.

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One thing I’ve come to appreciate about winter weather is the temperature of the garage. Cools baked food to eating temperature in minutes. I keep a wire rack out there just for cooling food.

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