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How can I preserve my voice while cold-calling?

Asked by rory (1392points) July 2nd, 2014

I have a part time (once a week, 9 to 5) job cold calling. It’s from a home office and is very informal—my boss lets me take breaks when I need to. But towards the end of the day, my voice is SHOT—I can barely choke out the words.

Is there anything I can do to enable me to make calls throughout the day without dying? I cannot quit this job or ask for shorter hours, because I really need the money.


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Blech, what a miserable job. Knowing everyone hates you must be a real drag.

Hot beverages throughout the day? Cough drops? Anything soothing to the throat should help.

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Drinking enough water?

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@livelaughlove21 thanks for your support. i’ve just been chewed out by three consecutive receptionists. this economy isn’t exactly friendly and i need to take the work where i can

hot beverages make a ton of sense, but the problem is the air conditioner isn’t wonderful and it’s summer :x

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Hot tea with honey and lemon.

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@rory No one has ever accused me of being supportive. Why start now?

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I used to cold call selling businesses industrial supplies from a boiler room. Make sure the AC is not directed right at you. We used to always have a cuppa joe spiked with Grand Marnier. Also, modulate your voice and don’t force things.
Throat lozenges also work.
As do throat sprays.

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Cough drops. Ice cubes?

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Relax your voice, neck, and shoulders (not exactly your shoulders, but that’s the basic idea). It will probably help with getting people to talk to you and definitely will help with the voice.

Most people aren’t excited to talk on the phone, so when they hear someone who is they assume a sales pitch and shut down.

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Save your voice by not calling those on the Do Not Call List.

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