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Is it normal to not drink coffee ?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) July 2nd, 2014

I never got into it… what am I missing? What are the benefits to academics/work if you drink cola and not coffee?

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Of course it’s normal. And caffeine is caffeine. If it wakes you up, that’s the benefit, no matter what the source.

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I’m not sure about the numbers, but according to the USDA, 51% of adults 20 and older consume coffee. If these are close, your lack of coffee consumption is shared by 49% of adults in this country.

What are you missing? Nothing if you don’t enjoy it. For those of us who do, coffee is one of the life’s pleasures.

Regarding cola and coffee. Cola contains significantly-less caffeine than coffee, and either a ton of sugar or artificial sweetener. Coffee contains neither. How much more caffeine? A medium Starbucks coffee contains 330mg of caffeine, while a Diet Coke contains 45mg, so you would have to consume more than 7 Diet Cokes to get the same caffeine.

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Neither my ex nor I drink coffee but we love soda. So I think it’s fairly normal.

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I don’t think of drinking coffee or not drinking coffee as normal or abnormal, to my mind you either do or you don’t, nothing normal or abnormal about it.

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For you it’s normal, for me, I’d rather die than wake up without my coffee. Seriously addicted to my morning Java.

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I don’t. My mother doesn’t. A lot of the UK and Japan prefer tea, probably other countries too.

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I never acquired the habit, but all of the women in my life have been inveterate coffee drinkers, and have had expensive high standards decades before it was fashionable. I drink a lot of teas. The wife starts every morning religiously with coffee, and ends every evening with a cup of “Sweet Dreams” tea.

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When you first wake up, nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee and a cigarette, followed by the morning constitutional.

That being said, to each his own.

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I tend to feel like the odd one out among my (college) peers for not drinking caffeinated drinks, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “abnormal.”

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I had my last cup of caffeinated coffee in 1982, about the same time I had my last drink of cola. Once in a whlle I’ll have a glass of iced decaf.

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I have to have my coffee with cream and sugar. This morning I was desperate and out of creamer so I opened a can of condensed milk, it was great! The panic of running out of creamer is very traumatic. lol

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@Coloma My GF is the same way about creamer. She won’t drink coffee without it.

I ditched creamer/milk in coffee a while back to cut unnecessary calories from my diet. Don’t miss it.

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I don’t think of it as normal or abnormal not to drink coffee. What is normal, anyway?

Many people drink coffee. It’s helps with concentration, helps people wake up and be productive, and it is nice pick me up when you’re out with friends. Tea is very popular now, too. All kinds of teas for all kinds of tastes and needs. Teas for taste, teas for waking up, teas for bed time, teas for digestive issues, teas for all kinds of health issues.

There’s nothing wrong with not drinking coffee. I don’t really drink wine and I rarely, if ever, drink beer. That’s not typical, either, but I don’t think twice about the fact that the world is full of wine drinkers and beer drinkers and yet I’m not one of them.

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I don’t drink coffee or soda (unless mixed with alcohol). But I do have a few cups of tea a day.

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It’s fine to not drink coffee. I don’t drink coffee often, either. I much prefer the taste of freshly brewed, good quality tea over any cup of coffee. I will admit to drinking some coffee if I pulled an all-nighter, but that’s rare in of itself.

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Caffeine has no effect on me. I don’t really drink soda unless it’s rum and coke. That said I generally drink quite a bit of tea(usually non caffeinated types, like herbal teas. My favorite is lemongrass.

guess that’s kinda the same answer as @johnpowell

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Team Tea Unite!!!

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I very rarely drink coffee. If I do it is iced coffee…maybe a few times a year.
I am more of a soda drinker and even that is caffeine free cuz it ramps up my anxiety.

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I’ve never liked the taste or developed a taste for it and I know quiet a few people who don’t drink coffee.

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It’s so interesting that so many people think of coffee as synonmous with caffeine. I understand why, but my caffeine addiction was Coca-cola. I never drank coffee, but I certainly was addicted to caffeine. I quit caffeine 15 years ago. Sometimes I cheat and drink caffeineted drinks, and sometimes I drink soda that is not caffeinated. The non caffeinated soda I dont consider cheating, I only think of cheating as related to the drug. My dad and MIL drink coffee daily, but it’s decaf. If someone asked them do you drink coffee, I guess their answer is yes, but then they would be expected to clarify decaf. I don’t think that is true with soda and tea is it? Do people clarify they only drink decaf?

When someone asks do you drink coffee, is that a question about whether the person drinks coffee, or whether the person drinks caffeine? When I read the Q, I read it as the OP wanting to know if everyone has a taste for coffee.

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I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker myself. I never have it at home and will only rarely have any when I’m out somewhere (usually a situation where I’m in a waiting room and the coffee is offered complementary, that sort of thing). Growing up the only adults I knew who didn’t drink coffee at all were my grandparents. My grandma was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist and avoided caffeine. Grandpa (raised Presbyterian) went along with it for the most part, though after grandma passed away he started keeping around instant coffee for whenever he wanted the odd cup or two.

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@talljasperman The concern with drinking as much soda as you do is you can rot your teeth out. Put a chicken bone in a glass of coke for a couple of days and watch what happens. The same thing is happening to your teeth over time.

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