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What are your plans, if any, for July 4th?

Asked by rory (1392points) July 3rd, 2014

Are you excited? Not excited? Why?

I’m probably going to the beach at Coney Island to see the fireworks.

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I’m actually going to take a holiday off!!

I’ve worked in veterinary medicine and emergency veterinary medicine for so long, and we never take holidays (the pets require care regardless of the date). But I’ve been in management for 8 years, and it’s finally occurring to me that I can take a day off. So I’m going to the Festival for the Eno

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Just stay at home, read my book and Fluthering.

I have just finished all my tests. Now I can sit back and enjoy life more :D

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Stay home, I am exhausted with all kinds of things going on, but…I can watch the local fireworks display from my front deck at the local county fairgrounds here. The fairgrounds are less than a mile around the bend here so the fireworks launch right over my house practically.
I am going to sit on the grass or deck stairs and take in the festivities.

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No plans. Not excited.

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I’m excited to pick up our daughter from the church camp she’s been at since Sunday. We’ll probably go to lunch, then buy some fireworks and come home and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Small bbq with a handful of family. Gonna break in my new outdoor pizza oven.

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Stay home to keep the dog calm when the fireworks go off. Cook out: chicken grilled after marinating in lime juice, garlic & olive oil.

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I’ll probably spend it with family since it’s one of our last gatherings before I move up north. We usually barbeque, and then watch the fireworks in my uncle’s backyard. There will probably be board games involved because that’s just how we roll.

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Probably visiting my step-dad in acute rehab and find somewhere to watch some fireworks. We didn’t actually plan anything specific this year.

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Duck and cover, cuz in my neighborhood it isn’t always firecrackers.
Okay, actually, there’s a boy next door my daughter’s age, and they are going to set off some fireworks together. the neighbor at the other end of the block always has the fancy ones, and a block in the other direction is a family who always go all out. I expect to have a pretty good show without having to wedge my wheelchair into a crowd.
I wish we had bats on this block, so we wouldn’t have to bother wth mosquitoes.

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Not excited, since it’s an American holiday!

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Work in the morning. BBQ in the afternoon and evening if it doesn’t rain.

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The same as on any other day.
And burn a pile of american flags.
And hoist a Belgian one.
Hail Belgium.

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@ragingloli If you hate us Americans so much why are you talking to us here? Hypocrite a little? I find your comment highly offensive.

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@Coloma, aw c’mon, you know @ragingloli loves Americans, baked mostly, sometimes boiled. Of course, if we had our druthers, we’d druther be FRIED.

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Work. All day.

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To stay off the roads and chill out (it’s getting hottern’ blazes here).

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Nowt special & certainly bugger all to do with the American thing, that would be just silly.

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I’ll be working as usual.

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Staying home, much too hot to go outside right now. Plus I can usually see any fireworks right from my condo’s steps. Pretty neat.

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I’m going to make some Sweet and Sour Cucumbers as per my Mom’s request. I might go for a swim in the neighborhood pool in the evening.

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I love July 4th. It’s my favorite day of the year. I host a party for about 75–80 people. It’s a noisy day and night – and day. Lost of food and lots of “combustion.”

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We are spending it with my MIL and FIL. It looks like I am going to watch a soccer game and then hopefully we will go down to the beach and watch the fireworks. Delray Beach has awesome fireworks. The story I have heard is the Zambelli’s have a home here so they make it extra special. I don’t know if that is actually true, but it is a good story. They have done the fireworks for many large events in major cities including NYC and Presidential events, and more.

Delray Beach has concerts all day (which I guess I will miss because of the soccer game) and a beer garden (whatever that is, sounds like Oktoberfest) and other events. The fireworks are always set to music. All sorts of patriotic and other America sings. I love it. Hopefully, it won’t be sweltering hot.

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This year I am very excited to be staying home alone (my daughter is with my parents) and relaxing and/or doing stuff in the house. Weather is going to be nice, dry and not so hot. It may rain a bit on and off (Hurricane Arthur passing through later) but for the most part, I think it will be a great day. Where I live, the neighbors and the complex do major fireworks which I can see from the deck or I can go down to the beach on the lake and watch. I’m guessing I’ll stay on the deck.

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