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Are you writing anything these days?

Asked by Haleth (19499points) July 4th, 2014

And what’s it about? Who are the characters?

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I’ve been periodically writing some poetry, not anything to do with characters. My poetry tends to be about realizations.

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Not lately, but god knows I have a lot of stories in my head right now. haha

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No, but I’m going to, shortly. Here is part of what I’m going to write.

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I have a few movie and TV ideas I’ve never fully fleshed out.

1) The most recent one is this superhero-esque Judd-Apatow-esque comedy movie about four young adult women who get superpowers, but then don’t really become superheroes until they’re sort of made to save the world. One thing I also love doing is dream casting. I frequently pay attention to the credits of a TV show or movie to see who an actor or actress is, and then, fictionally cast them in something I’m writing. I do this a lot, and I admit, it is fun.

In this floating comedy movie idea of mine, ”Superchicks,” I figure Olivia Wilde would play Olive (power: Telekinesis), Mila Kunis would play Marla (power: Mass Manipulation, or the ability to grow and shrink), Katrina Bowden, from 30 Rock, would play Katie (power: Superstrength), and Lyndsy Fonseca, from How I Met Your Mother (the future daughter) and Nikita, would play Lisa (power: Pyrokinesis or fire powers). I’ve yet to write an actual script or treatment, yet. My computer being broken, and all. Tablets suck for typing.
2) Also, I was currently working on another TV pilot about a bank robber who gets betrayed by his female partner and spends three years in prison. When he gets out, he finds that his ex-partner is now a powerful queen pin and he has to team up with her old friend in order to take down her empire, starting from the bottom up. Oh, and the protagonist also has special blood that makes him nearly immortal like Wolverine. Only thing is, it takes place in England and I have trouble getting the local terminology and language right. I’ve been delayed on it for about a month and a half. It’s called
X +” (X-Positive), named after the main character’s ultra-rare blood type .
3) A few years ago (2011, I think), I wrote a film script as I wanted to write “a vampire love story that didn’t suck.” It was called ”Vampires Bleed.” As in, “even vampires bleed.” So it was about a young adult man who meets the blonde woman of his dreams. And he doesn’t consider himself that attractive or anything, so he is super-lucky to have her. In this world, vampires exist and are gaining positions of authority in society. In this Ohio town, Daniel just wants to spend time with the love of his life, Victoria. Until a gang of vampires on the street attack her and ‘turn’ her into one of them. After the police reports, Daniel starts to notice Victoria’s transition into being a vampire. Only, she’s stronger than normal vamps due to the one who ‘sired’ her. As Victoria starts to embrace her new-found agility, strength, and power, Daniels starts to worry that as a mortal man, he’ll lose her, being ‘weak’ and inferior, now. Victoria, however, uses her new gifts and quits her job as a secretary and joins the police force. Most vampires work at night and become prostitutes, pimps, strippers, or porn stars, in this world, so a vampire police officer is rare.

Daniel starts to become insane with insecurity, worrying that his now super-strong, powerful, and more-horny girlfriend is going to leave him. After Victoria accidentally over-powers him one night trying to proposition him for sex when he doesn’t want it (almost raping him, because she can barely control her super vampire libido), Daniel decides he’s going to lose Victoria, being he’s just human, so it would soon be best to leave her, first. Victoria is oblivious to this though, and is still deeply in love with Daniel. So when he breaks up with her, she breaks down in tears, not expecting it, and in utter shock and sadness. Daniel soon gets into a super-deep depression following his breakup and that depression soon turns into anger. The police having done nothing, Daniel decides to hunt down the gang that turned Victoria. In what is almost a suicide mission, he confronts them, but manages to outsmart them and stake the five vampires that made him lose Victoria. A female vampire notices what Daniel did, a cute young Asian named ironically named Sun, and approves of it. She resents her life as a vampire and never had the guts to do that, herself. So Sun teams up with Daniel and the two sort of become vampire hunter vigilantes, killing every vampire criminal and gang member in town. But because vampires are known and somewhat accepted in society, they are also somewhat murders, as well. Meanwhile Victoria, due to her vampire speed, strength, and dedication to helping others, has risen through the police ranks and becomes a decorated detective whom the community respects and idolizes, and she is tasked to find the vampire murdered through town, especially since the mayor of the Ohio town is a corrupt vampire, himself.

This leads through the rest of the movie, as Daniel, who at first just wanted vengeance for the group who made him lose the love of his life, starts to slowly get darker and darker and turn from mourning ex-fiance, to something closer to a serial killer, all while Sun starts to become darker as well. While Victoria is tasked to finding who this duo of murders are killing off all the vampires in town. This eventually leads to the climax of the film, where one year since their breakup, Daniel, now an expert vampire hunter/killer, is confronted by detective Victoria, his former fiance. There’s a standoff and Victoria finally finds out why Daniel left her: he was afraid he couldn’t be enough for her, being a mere human and all. Victoria says that her changing doesn’t meant she would leave him, and that he broke her heart, but she never stopped loving him. Sun then interrupts and attacks Victoria, and Sam has to make a choice whether to save the woman he once loved, or finish the goal he had in mind. He’ll either have to kill Sun or let Sun kill Victoria, leading up the conclusion of the movie.

So, there you have it. I’m never not writing.

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I’ve just finished the rough draft of my first book. It’s about a crazy person who is kidnapping people, and keeping them as his little ready-made family. But then it turns out that the main character, and her brother, who he kidnapped actually are his children. His plan all along had been to kidnap people who he thought would make good friends for his children, so they would have a happy little life in captivity. He’s a crazy person.

My favorite character is the son that was raised by their crazy father. His name is Shade Vinley. He didn’t know he had a brother and a sister, and in the beginning he does a lot of terrible things, with his fathers encouragement. Later in the story, he realizes that the way he’s been raised is not normal, and he starts to work on getting his evil impulses under control. In the end, he’s the one who ends up saving everyone. It’s his way of apologizing for all of the messed up things he did to them.

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I started journaling again every night. It is very calming and helps me assess myself more accurately.

I thought this would be a good time to start a blog or start writing some stories. But I have read so many great books I feel I have little to contribute. Though I did some brainstorming with a creative thread and we started a very disjointed story about first dates. He’s the type that hardly ever finishes things and is off to the next idea before the other has taken shape so it will probably go no where.

The dialogue was the best part a nerdy self deprecating guy that was half mocking him as well as her. While she was lost and trying to follow along to his almost incoherent but witty jabbering.

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Right now most of my serious writing is confined to journaling my dreams which, over the past four months, have been upsetting and quite detailed.

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I’m currently writing this answer, it’s about sarcasm mostly & the characters are a buncha disgruntled jellies I guess.

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Off and on, though little lately. There are a couple of characters that I created over 20 years ago that have evolved (in part to GM-ing a Shadowrun campaign for 2 years) into a family of over a dozen.

The first two were genetically-engineered super-soldiers on opposite sides of a great war in the early 26th-century that were flung back to the mid-19th-century and have allied in order to prevent the dark future they came from, but must be careful in doing so in order to to not prevent their own existence.

The others are mostly their descendents. And while they were designed for war, they are still somewhat human, and their children and grand-children have different ideas about how the world should be than they do. Of course, their mere existence affects that as well, leading to all sorts of issues….

One of the genetic modifications (that is shared by all generations) is a nanotech-enhanced immune system that effectively counters the cell replication errors induced by aging; while not entirely ageless, their lifespan is measured in centuries rather than years, so the first two are quite likely to witness first-hand all of the events that led up to their “birth”, and must stop them yet must not stop them.

But history has no mention of their descendents, who are equally powerful, so are they even in the same universe, or merely a parallel? And beyond the forces of history, they are each “people” (as much as fictional characters can be) in their own right. That in and of itself leads to all sorts of complications.

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My second article was published on Thursday
I have a few more ideas for articles rattling around in my head and I’m still writing track reviews for my internship under my real name.
As for fiction, I’m editing some short stories for a short story anthology and I’m writing new content as well. One of them includes a story that is a mix of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” The Raid: Redemption. and some Bolano for good measure.

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Who isn’t?

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