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How do you know you are loved?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Is there a special something a partner, parent or friend does that shows you they care? Something that speaks more loudly than words?

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Action speaks louder than words.

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By the little things someone does, an attitude of love, warmth, companionship, trust, knowing you can count on that person, knowing your best interest is what the other person wants for you, too, honesty, humor, a feeling. That’s what love is to me. . .and it’s got to go the other way, too. I also think that the way we talk to each other is about love.

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A look she gives me, a smile we share, the way she puts her hand in mine or lays her head on my chest. There are so many little things, and they all say it to me, but mostly just looking in her eyes and seeing the love/trust/honesty/caring there. I can feel it when she looks at me in an almost physical way.

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My spouse is always anticipating my needs. I’ll come home to a food I’ve been craving, or all of sudden my tank will be filled with gas. That and little notes left in the most random places, and that show up at the most unexpected times.

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Wow these are really romantic…

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It boils down to all the little things someone does.

The smile I still have.
The wrestling/tickle matches, that end in a cuddling nap from exhaustion
Buying me flowers when he is late.
Sharing in depth conversations.
And the fact that I just know he loves me.

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The sharing of a special joke or story or news item he sends me a few times a week.

Each night before bed, he rubs my feet. This little ritual makes me feel so safe and cared for that I doze right off after that.

He also checks to make sure I have enough ice tea in the summer and makes the coffee in the morning.

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You don’t. You spend all your time and effort trying to cultivate something that you think is good and going great, just to find that the other person/group fooled you.

The saying goes, “love is a battlefield”.

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@randy Ahhhh!!!

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Lovers: When you can use a random quote and they will quote the very next line without hesitation… When they listen to each and every thing that’s wrong and go through it with you to sort it out or make you feel better, without talking about themselves until you ask… When they don’t mind that you’re not in the mood to kiss or make out or chat and will just lie there with you… When they look at you and smile…

Parents: When they do everything in their power to make you happy, and continue to do so even when you don’t thank them out loud… When you see their faces after winning an award or game of sport or painting a picture for them…

Friends: When they know you so well that they won’t ask what’s wrong until you’re ready to tell them, even though they know somethings up and they’re dying to know… When you eventually tell them what’s wrong they don’t scold you for not coming to them earlier but they do everything in their power to cheer you up and help… When you are not afraid to let down all your defences and go crazy with them… When they are prepared to be grounded/detentioned/jailed with you… When they bring you something in their lunch especially for you… When you have a whole shelf in your cupboard dedicated to food for them… When you can laugh about something with them for weeks at a time and it doesn’t get old…

All of the above: When they’re prepared to sleep in the same room with you even though your snoring is the worst they’ve ever heard… :P

It’s the little things that stop me in my tracks when I notice.

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when I am the last person she (fill in the blank) at night.

When I am the first person she (fill in the blank) in the morning.

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