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Why is ibuprofen almost always burnt-red? Why is acetaminophen either white or red/white?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22419points) July 7th, 2014

It doesn’t seem to matter who the manufacturer is – Ibuprofen almost always is brick red. Acetominophen is usually white (or sometimes red/white capsules although I have seen red-white-light blue).

Either the same company is manufacturing for everyone or there is some standard about what color OTC meds have to be.

Why is this? Who sets the standard?

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Have no idea who sets the standards,except maybe the Governments.
As for the colour maybe and this is just a guess, it makes it easier to identify the drugs for the average everyday person?

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Because most brands are manufactured by the same one or two companies. These companies manufacture the drugs on the cheap, but do not distribute or market the drugs themselves. Other companies purchase the drugs then market them under their own label.

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I had a blue gel ibuprofen.

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Nuprin is little yellow better different.

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Because Ibuprofen is the generic name of Advil. Advil is red, so all the generics are red too.

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Motrin is orange.

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The Walgreens generic ibuprofen are white.

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Any time I’ve ever been prescribed ibuprofen(ie not the weak OTC crap) it’s been a white pill.

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I’m sure they do studies to see how people react to certain colors.

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@Dutchess_III You sure you weren’t having some Crystal Blue Persuasion? :P

And OP good to know! I never figured that out…

Or at least mainly along the lines of reddish for Ibuprofen, because the ones I have are clear amber reddish

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