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What is a safe way to lose 5 pounds quick?

Asked by kaps68 (14points) July 9th, 2014

I am very much into fitness. I work out 4–5 days a week now and this consists of weights and cardio. I eat pretty healthy now and keep my caloric intake at about 1200 calories eating 5 small meals. I start with a protein shake for breakfast, have usually some cherries, chicken and vegtables and half a sweet potato, then piece of cheese, then 4oz chicken and 1 cup of vegetables and then for dinner chicken or fish and 2 cups of vegetables.

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Fluid, AKA water loss.

Drastically reduce sodium intake.

Nix allergens.

Consume water to flush it out.

OTC diuretics.

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What is “fast” to you? A day? A week? A month? Why does this loss need to happen fast? Pageant/competition, vacation, etc.?

Unless you’re 4 feet tall, you need to eat more than 1200 calories, especially with your activity level. 1200 calories is the absolute least a woman should eat, and that’s 1200 net calories. In other words, if you eat 1200 calories and burn 300, you need to eat those 300 back totaling 1500 in order to net 1200 calories. Very low calorie diets are good for one thing – increasing the chance that you’ll revert back to old habits and regain the weight. You shouldn’t be doing anything now that you don’t plan on doing forever. Quick weight loss is temporary weight loss.

There’s no way to safely lose multiple pounds in a very short period of time unless you’re holding on to water weight. Drinking plenty of water will take care of that. If there’s no water weight, it ain’t gonna happen.

Whatever you do, do not use diuretics or laxatives for weight loss. And don’t eat even less than you already are. No cleanses, detoxes, colonics, vomiting, etc. Those don’t fall into the “safe” category.

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How close are you to your final goal weight? The closer you are, the harder it will be to lose additional pounds—and the less safe it will be to do so quickly. The other thing to keep in mind is that most ways of losing five pounds quickly count as starvation diets. They work for the days you’re doing them, but you’ll almost certainly gain everything back as soon as you stop doing the diet (which cannot be done safely for long) unless you are very careful about easing back into normal eating. The lesson here, then, is that you have to work for your reward.

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There is no safe way to lose five pounds quick. Five pounds should take ~2 weeks or longer.

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It sounds like you need to see a doctor. One that deals with eating disorders.

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Go on a 1–2 week long backpacking trip, hiking 15–20 miles per day. There’s no way to carry more calories than you will burn each day. You will probably lose somewhere around 5–10lbs. It’s safe as long as you drink a lot of water, pack nutritious food, and don’t get mauled by a bear. :)

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Reduce food, diet and jogging

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