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Do you buy stuff online?

Asked by Jonesn4burgers (7244points) July 12th, 2014

If you buy stuff online, share your very best purchase ever, your very worst ever, and for gosh sakes, if you have a weird or funny item, PLEASE share that story.

Extra lurve for anyone who has ever bought a cheese puff which looks like Elvis or Jesus!

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I bought a audio $100 book for the creators shadow book series… I stopped listening and moved on to Fluther for entertainment.

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Basically everything except food and things like automotive fluids.

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Then you MUST have stories to share, one to make us laugh, one to make us cry, one to make us feel idignant for you,and at least three more to make us laugh. Share, please share!

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I have bought stuff from Ebay and Amazon haven’t been overly happy, but did get stuff I couldn’t find in regular stores.

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I do frequently buy online. I honestly can’t think of a best or worst purchase. They’ve all been pretty standard. Sorry for such a boring answer.

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Only on amazon and not for awhile now as I am a victim of the economic shitstorm the last few years. My 2 best all time purchases were a giant, memory foam beanbag ( ) loveseat for my TV room a few years ago and an amazing mulit-platform, black faux fur cat tree/condo for my daughter a couple of Christmases ago.

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for my daughters CAT lol

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Not really. Just things that you can get for cheap, like a guitar capo with factory-error packaging.

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I bought The Great Domaines of Burgundy by Remington Norman after reading the companion book, Grand Cru. It got here today!

This is by far my best internet purchase. Just from flipping through it, there’s enough information in here for me to finally have a solid grasp of the world’s most complex wine region. The detail and thoroughness here has me just totally flabbergasted. I paid $20 for it; there is way more than $20 worth of information here. This will be invaluable to me professionally, and for my own personal understanding and enjoyment.

The companion book, Grand Cru, was also interesting and informative, but in a more broad overview kind of way. This really delves deep into all the detailed information I’ve been wanting.

Also, the author has a cynical, snarky, world-weary tone that shows through sometimes, and many of his little asides about the wine world made me laugh out loud for how true they were. Like, I’ve become smarter for reading it, and many times I wanted to give him the BIGGEST high five.

I can’t wait to spend a few quiet hours drinking a nice bottle and reading the new book. I am so excite.

Also, buying dresses on was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never before found clothes so cute, high-quality, and flattering.

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I buy pretty much everything online aside from food or small items. If it’s something really expensive or something that needs to be sized(shoes etc) I will go to the store and check it out and then go and buy it online. It’s just cheaper that way.

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I bought books online twice, indirectly. By “indirectly” I mean “I told another person what I wanted to buy and they would buy them along with what they bought using their account”. I didn’t buy at any of your famous online store like eBay or Amazon, but at an online book store which is regarded as “the best book store” here. I bought indirectlyso that we didn’t have to pay for the shipping fee.

The first time I bought my book with a friend. At that time there was a prizes for anyone who buy a lot. And guess what our prize was: a coloring book for 3-year-old! My friend joked that we should have bought more to get a more mature prize.

The second time I bought an old book. It was old of stock in most local stores, and I found it there in that store. When the book came to me, it was in horrible condition. It looked more like someone had already read it before, many times, before selling to me!

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I have bought quite a few items online. Iphone cases, backpacks, small bags, headphones, mouse pads..etc.
Accessories like shoes, clothes which are size specific I avoid purchasing. Because it’s really disturbing when you buy shoes online and they don’t fit right. The excitement turns into dejection. I hate when that happens. Haha. Hit it if this has happened with the ladies.

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Things I’ve ordered online (or things people have ordered for me, for birthdays and stuff): clothing, all of which were good purchases.
A Viking hat with a detachable beard.
A Viking Battle Axe.
A Viking drinking horn.
Ridiculous platform boots, which I like to wear casually like I just wear 7 inch shoes all the time…
Roller blades.
A vampire killing kit.
A banjo.
A ukulele.

Needless to say, I’ve never had a bad experience with ordering anything online, so far. They were all good purchases.

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Wow, I’m impressed! You definately have the most exciting list so far, @AshLeigh.
@Haleth, sounds like you scored for sure!

Anybody order something that was such a dud you think the newspaper might do a story on it?
Anybody order live animals? I hear that gets done all the time. I just can’t imagine it. I was tempted to order a hermit crab that way, but all I could find was to buy 50 or more at a time. They advertised guaranteed live arrival.

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I’ve purchased about 6 times on line. A couple times I bought books on amazon. A couple times I bought sports bras on a bra website. Once from Macy’s for my aunt. There must be another that I am forgetting.

My husband is a different story, he has ourchased many more things online than me, but still not a ton of stuff. He buys cars, racing gear, car parts, you see the theme I am sure.

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I buy things from etsy. Ugly Christmas sweaters and costume items, mostly, but I bought a few home decorations from there as well.
If I get a gift card from someone I use it at the online shop for the store. I usually check out all of the sale and clearance items and max out my gift card.
I shop for lingerie and swimsuits online, too.

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@GloPro, did you know how you word your ebay search can dramatically alter what you see come up? I typed in Ladies Swimwear, got almost all US listings, high priced, and a lot of them second hand. If you type Swimsuits women, or monokini, you get to view WAY different stuff. I just got my daughter an excellent one piece with a JAWS image coming up to eat the Ariel mermaid (excellent), for under $5, brand new. I may not get it until September 2, but she wants it for swimming in gym class. There are tons of cool designs, and if you don’t want to watch the time tick down on one at 3 AM to get it for $5 in the last 15 seconds of the auction, there are dozens of sweet, severe, cool choices to be found for $7.50 to $10.
Those same merchants often feature tasty lingerie choices too.
Just for fun, try typing in the ebay search, Monokini bones. Hahahahahahahaha! Have fun!

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Actually, I’m kind of a swimwear snob. I buy it online because it is unique and pretty and no one else has it. I use Orchid Boutique designer suits. It stems from swimwear modeling in college.

I overspend on my swimwear. It’s dumb, I know. It’s one of those reasons I bounce my allowance account.

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SWEEEEEEEEET! To be 25 again!
I’m shopping for a soon to be 13 year old though, and frugal is a neccessity, so I’m feeling very good about my find. My days of $250 strings has passed, grazed, napped.

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I would love to be 25 again. I buy the monokinis, wide coverage bottoms, and beautiful coverups now. I used to buy Brazilian cut bottoms with dental floss tops. And run down the beach in them.

Nobody wants that today, haha

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Wait, we have a chubby chaser here in the Fluther. Quick, who was that?
I never was quite that daring. I felt pretty risque when I went with a french cut, backless, mesh torso. I fell asleep and my belly looked like I was hit with a waffle iron! Ha ha . ow!
That was thirty three and looking gooood.

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